U.S.S. Zurius

"There's only one good thing being on this tin can - it's harder to fall off the ship at least. Right?"


U.S.S. Zurius is an aircraft carrier map that takes place in the middle of the ocean, with no visible landmass in-sight. The ship itself is vast with a runway spanning the length of the ship.

Background Story

Originally, this was British-owned, British-flagged, British-built and British-loved. Yes, the apocalypse may of gotten in the way of countries, but the government at the time decided to earn some quick cash by selling the ship to the Americans. They reasoned with them that during the apocalypse, the ship would be the best way to stay alive as it is away from any continental landmass. This was enough for the Americans, who bought the ship for an undisclosed (but quite large) sum of money. Turns out, the former landlords of America were right; being away from a continental landmass would be the best way for the people to stay alive. Thus, the money was used to protect the British Isles, an archipelago away from a landmass.

America got the raw end of the deal. Yes, they got themselves a brand new ship. Yes, they were able to adapt the ship into the first aircraft carrier with nuclear capabilities. They even managed to convert the ship into a mini-city at the sea. In honour of the person who helped with the reconstruction, it was renamed U.S.S. Zurius. Unfortunately, the biggest strength of this ship was also its biggest weakness; the massive size. During a sea trail, amongst a container, an infected zombie and Leaper managed to sneak aboard. Worst still, it was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean when the alarm was raised. The nearest island was Pitcairn Island, and that would not be suitable for an emergency situation like this was. 

Emergency lifeboats were deployed and the ship's crew were on high alert. It was time for the sailors to put their training into action.


An aircraft-carrier based on British design, the U.S.S. Zurius holds many corridors, small interiors and tight hallways within the ship, although the runway greatly contrasts with its large field, containing some unusable aircraft and containers.

Players spawn near the bridge of the ship, just below the runway deck. The runway spans the entire length of the runway. It begins near some containers and the silo and ends at a ramp which launches aircraft into the air. Tents, aircraft and containers can be seen on this deck. A control tower can also be seen, adjacent to the bridge of the ship.

Below the main deck, recreational rooms can be seen, such as the cafeteria and lifeboat deploy room. A silo launch room can also be seen. Staircases connect the entirety of the deck. A munitions room can also be seen as well as a aircraft hangar.


  • Surprisingly, this map has safe water.
    • You can take Froggo and Jetski for maximum water relaxation.
    • You can also get out of the water with Jetpack or though a conveniently placed doorway at the bow of the ship.
      • However, zombies can also swim in water so be prepared for everything.
    • However, there is no sea floor to prevent players from falling through.
  • If you plan to camp inside the ship, be aware of Tickers, Brutes and Swarmers.
  • If you plan to camp outside, the Toy Plane can be quite convenient as there is a runway to take off from.
  • This map is quite open on the surface of the ship but is quite enclosed inside the hull.
    • Choose your weapons that best suit you. Shotguns are recommended if you go inside the hull and automatics if you are outside.


  • Even though the map claims to be a US Navy aircraft carrier, the design of the ship is based on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, a British aircraft carrier.
  • In the control room of the silo, you can see the screen aim at M.S Antares.
  • The name U.S.S. Zurius is named after R2DA Moderator (and map developer) Zurius.
  • This map has the most Ammo Stations at 21.

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