Twitter Redeem Codes are codes obtained from PlaceRebuilder's Twitter account, @XelPixels, and you get random items in bunches whenever you enter a code. This system was added in v0.8.4. but wasn't in use until a day later.

A Twitter code generating system was added to R2DA in v1.1.5, along with a random item and amount. This was removed after SWAGER21 started posting the codes on the discord, #r2da-twitter-codes, which were almost always Phial of Galadriel code.

You can redeem codes in the main menu. The input area is seen under the Map and Gamemode rectangle which is in the top-left corner. It may be hard to see if the contrast is bad against the white text.

A code will last until the next code is released. How long it will be until the next code is released will fluctuate. If you cannot redeem the code, you may have slow connection problems. Please wait and you will receive your reward. You get various items from all of these codes below.

Current Redeem Codes

(The date is Day/Month/Year, not Month/Day/Year, as PlaceRebuilder uses the European Date Format.)

Code Reward Date Expired
CH123 1x Skincrate 08/11/2016 13/11/2016
TEE55 10x Hammers 14/11/2016 21/11/2016
PQU52 1x Double EXP 22/11/2016 29/11/2016
OGEO9 15x Fire Extinguishers 28/11/2016 06/12/2016
JOJOJ 2x Snowballs 06/12/2016 12/12/2016
NODE2 10x Penguin Armors 12/12/2016 19/12/2016
HD28J 3x Airstrikes 19/12/2016 27/12/2016
OH8AI 10x Pills 27/12/2016 02/01/2017
BUWG2 5x Medkits 02/01/2017 11/01/2017
BD001 1x Phial of Galadriel 04/01/2017 05/01/2017
BD002 15x Candy Canes
BD003 15x Party Whistles
BD004 10x Pipebombs
REVAI 10x Defibrillators 11/01/2017 20/01/2017
SOME1 5x Medkits 20/01/2017 30/01/2017
WAKA 10x Crabmines 30/01/2017 10/02/2017
AQWT 10x Molotovs 10/02/2017 05/03/2017
LWJW5 1x Skincrate 05/03/2017 16/03/2017
OKOK 8x Fire Extinguishers 16/03/2017 10/04/2017
PIE1 10x Pumpkin Pies 10/04/2017 18/05/2017
PROP 10x Propane 17/05/2017 17/08/2017
SKR39 10x Fire Extinguishers 17/08/2017 20/10/2017
3ENN9 10x Pumpkin Pies 29/09/2017 20/10/2017
INOT1S 5x Party Whistles 06/04/2018 07/04/2018
IYXGST 10x Fireboxes 07/04/2018 10/04/2018
OK6D2Q 5x Jerry Cans 10/04/2018 08/05/2018
MT2JXQ 15x Fire Extinguishers 08/05/2018 14/05/2018
SQJMKE 10x Crabmines 14/05/2018 24/05/2018
QLRCXE 5x Fireboxes
5x Clockbombs (Debug)
07/08/2018 14/08/2018
83TCP 1x Batwing Skincrate 11/11/2018 12/11/2018
TOWH2 15x Vitamins 07/02/2019 01/03/2019
RXT44 5x Clockbombs 07/02/2019 01/03/2019
OHKS8 5x Steil Grenades 01/03/2019 02/04/2019
DUCKY 1x Premium Skincrate 06/05/2019 19/05/2019

Code Reward Date Expired
2L3D4 10x Penguin Armors 09/09/2017 01/06/2018
UF7PK6 15x Hallows Bomb
15x Fire Extinguishers (Debug)
24/05/2018 25/05/2018
N/A (Debug)
KNGQDK 5x Party Whistles 24/05/2018 09/06/2018
HQPIRY 10x Crabmines 09/06/2018 14/06/2018
B3SMXN 5x Fireboxes 14/06/2018 21/06/2018
MMILPO 5x Prune Juices 21/06/2018 29/06/2018
UL3MOS 5x Propanes 29/06/2018 05/07/2018
3Q4M6O 5x Propanes 05/07/2018 09/07/2018
MGPCQL 15x Fire Extinguishers 09/07/2018 17/07/2018
LUYJM3 15x Party Whistles 17/07/2018 22/07/2018
NXRI7F 10x Phial of Galadriels 22/07/2018 28/07/2018
OOOONN 10x Phial of Galadriels 28/07/2018 01/08/2018
NKJNMU 10x Crabmines 14/08/2018 22/08/2018
JTXMGQ 15x Party Whistles 22/08/2018 29/08/2018
PYNUUL 5x Tomahawks 29/08/2018 01/09/2018
LNVQ5I 15x Candy Canes 14/09/2018 21/09/2018
EJNNVT 10x Phial of Galadriel 21/09/2018 28/09/2018
ELZXQY 10x Phial of Galadriel 28/09/2018 08/10/2018
Unknown "?"x Pumpkin Pie (Triple Digits) 08/10/2018 Unknown

Code Source Reward Date Expired
L2D34 Jopede 10x Tactical I Armors 08/09/2017 01/06/2018
OLOLE Jopede 10x Pipebombs 23/09/2017
8H44IO Loading Screen takes away 100 Cash 13/10/2017
NIKLAM Loading Screen 1x Halloween Skincrate 13/10/2017 20/10/2017
U2MLI3 Lazi_ness 10x Phial of Galadriels 01/08/2018 07/08/2018
YVPMOT Lazi_ness 15x Candy Canes 01/09/2018 07/09/2018
VXYEPR Lazi_ness 15x Fire Extinguishers 07/09/2018 14/09/2018
3XECCP Pumpkinator Intermission 15x Owonades 12/10/2018 15/12/2018
GRR33W Pumpkinator Intermission -1 Fame 03/11/2018
JOPED Jopede 1x Molotov 24/05/2019 01/06/2019
DNSIW Jopede 5x Blueberry Splush 02/07/2019 N/A


  • This feature was also in R2D 2014.
    • R2D 2014 codes don't work in R2DA. Don't try.
  • On PlaceRebuilder's Birthday, in 2017, he released several one-day codes.
  • Jopede and SWAGER21 are the first users to have their own codes given out to the public.
  • Using the code allows you to buy multiples of that item, even if you are under the rank limit, as long as you subscribe.
    • An example is buying more Tactical I vests even if you are under Rank 5.
  • Using the "GRR33W" code will make Pumpkinator's laugh audible to everyone on the server.

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