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Tutorial Island 2.0

"Teaching new players valuable things since 2019... When the game released in 2014... Genius. Always wanted to wait 5 years to get a proper tutorial"


Tutorial Island 2.0 is an updated version of Tutorial Island. Note that in-game, it has the same name as the Tutorial Island, the pre-v1.3.2 version of this map.

If you have never completed Tutorial Island or Tutorial Island 2.0, you will be asked whether or not you want to get here, no matter what your rank is. Additionally, you are sent here when you first connect your Gamepad or use a Tablet to play R2DA for the first time.

Background Story

Out with the old, in with the new.

The old Tutorial Island just wasn't sufficient enough to many. It lacked teaching of valuable skills within the apocalypse. Many survivors weren't learning enough and were dying easily.

So, back to the drawing board they went. They needed to design a better tutorial island that would teach newer survivors more about the troubles they might encounter in the apocalypse. After some trial and error, a successful prototype was finished. They rehired the old Boo and dubbed the prototype "Tutorial Island 2.0".


Mobs: Targets (Obstacle 6), AI Normals (Obstacle 8)

  • Obstacle 1 - The Trenches - Sprint jump over the large gap in the ground. There is a ladder in case you fall in.
    PC involves Shift and W key.
    XBOX involves pressing down and holding Left Stick forward and pressing the A button.
    Tablet involves Analog outside circle and Jump.
  • Obstacle 2 - The Door - Open the door.
    PC involves the F Key.
    XBOX involves the X button.
    Tablet walks up to the door to automatically open it.
  • Obstacle 3 - Interact & Crouch - Pull the lever down and crouch to get under the gate.
    PC involves holding the E key then the C key.
    XBOX involves holding the X button then the DPad Down.
    Tablet involves holding Action and skipping the gate, since they cannot crouch.
  • Obstacle 4 - Punching Bag - Punch and Kick the punching bag 5 times.
    PC involves using E and Q key.
    XBOX involves Right Trigger and Left Trigger.
    Tablet involves Action.
  • Obstacle 5 - Blocking - Block the falcon punch before you move on.
    PC (Windows) involves holding the Caps Lock key.
    PC (Mac) involves double tapping the Caps Lock key, activating Mac CapsLock and pressing the Caps Lock key.
    XBOX involves holding the B key.
    Tablet involves holding Shield.
  • Obstacle 6 - Targets - Shoot down the targets with the Newbie.
    PC involves clicking the icon or the 1 key then the R key.
    XBOX involves Right Bumper or Left Bumper then the B key.
    Tablet involves tapping the weapon icon then the Reload (Tablet users have aimbot).
  • Obstacle 7 - Metal Detector - Unequip your weapon and pass the metal detector.
    PC involves clicking the icon or the 1.
    XBOX involves Right Bumper or Left Bumper.
    Tablet involves tapping the weapon icon.
  • Obstacle 8 - The Barn - Kill the three AI Normals that spawn.


  • Follow the instructions given by the Friendly Boo.
  • If you use Spanish mode (on the ROBLOX website), the Boo supports the language.
  • You gain 200 EXP (enough to rank up to Rank 1) and 65$ from this map.
    • If you die, you are allowed to have another go, meaning you keep any rewards you may have gotten previously.
  • The Targets can be killed by a Molotovs but not Grenades, Propanes or Jerry Cans.
  • Purchasing an M939 or Van from the In-Game Store will cause it to spawn high in the air before hitting the ground. Sometimes it may stay in mid-air.
    • This doesn't happen if you buy the M939 or Van during the AI Normal sequence, allowing you to use the truck.
  • Purchasing a Disruptor will not work and AI Normals will still spawn on the Disruptor.
  • For this map, you are given a Newbie, a Steyr M with a Trainee skin.
    • The gun has a few minor differences:
      • 3/1 ammo, instead of 12/2 for a Steyr M.
      • It also has much better damage, compared to the Steyr M.
  • No weapons are allowed for this apart from the weapon that's given (except for Frost Knuckles if you have that equipped before you enter the tutorial).
  • You cannot get past the Metal Detector with any item, from the In-Game Store or otherwise.


  • An updated version of the original Tutorial Island, with more things added to it.
  • Again, Moderators can still join the server if you Modcall.
  • After v1.3.5a, it is now optional to play Tutorial Island whenever you meet the requirements for it.
  • The first Ammo Station you encounter has 1,000 refills.
  • You get the Tinpot after you finish this tutorial, if you don’t have it.
    • If you are a rank 0, you will get enough EXP to level up.
  • Targets cannot be moved by any means.
    • The Punching Bag is similar except it can be moved slightly before snapping back into place.
  • The Tutorial is specific to the player who initiated it.
    • Example being that if Player A is the one doing the Tutorial, and Player B joined the server, then Player B could not get the Newbie weapon nor activate the teleporters.
      • They also cannot get past Obstacle 6 without Player A reloading and shooting once.
    • If Tutorial Island is successfully completed with two players, both will leave.
    • If Player B dies, they are put into Spectating and then they can respawn (as any zombie) during the AI Normals sequence. The same occurs with Player A resetting. However, Player B cannot win the round.
      • If you die during the AI Zombie sequence, with another player still alive, you can zombify.
  • The music of this map is from King Crab.
  • Intermission is skipped whenever you die in Tutorial Island.
    • You cannot enter it under any circumstance while in Tutorial Island.
  • The AI Normals that spawn have reduced walkspeed (about 8 as opposed to the normal 19).