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Tutorial Island

This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"Git gud here or die."
―Unknown Survivor


Tutorial Island is a small and straightforward island to teach the basics to beginners.

Background Story

Coalitions of survivors kept growing and growing by the day as they recruited more and more survivors. However, many of those they recruited were found to have survived almost through sheer luck. They had no experience whatsoever.

Thus, after some gathering of resources and brainstorming, groups decided to cooperate and create a simple, obstacle course-like area to teach the ins and outs of the apocalypse to beginners.

The survivors also hired a Boo to train new survivors for eternity, though the boo doesn't mind.


Mobs: Targets (Obstacle 3), AI Normals (Obstacle 5)

  • Obstacle 1 - The Trenches - Sprint jump over the large gap in the ground. There is a ladder in case you fall in.
  • Obstacle 2 - The Door - Press "F" (or walk up to it on Tablet) to open the door.
  • Obstacle 3 - Targets - Shoot down the targets with the Newbie.
  • Obstacle 4 - Punching Bag - Press "E" or "Q" until you are able to spawn a teleporter.
  • Obstacle 5 - The Barn - Kill the three AI Normals that spawn.


  • Follow the instructions given by the Friendly Boo.
    • The Boo supports Spanish mode for those with it.
    • Glitching to the Targets before the Boo has registered that you have passed the gap will cause the punching bag to spawn and no gun to be received.
  • You gain 200 EXP (enough to rank up to Rank 1) and 45$ from this map.
    • If you die, you are allowed to have another go, meaning you keep any rewards you may have gotten previously.
  • The Targets can be killed by a Molotovs but not Grenades, Propanes or Jerry Cans.
  • Purchasing an M939 from the In-Game Store will cause it to spawn high in the air before hitting the ground.
    • This doesn't happen if you buy the M939 during the AI Normals sequence, allowing you to use the truck.
  • Purchasing a Disruptor will not work and AI Normals will still spawn on the Disruptor.
  • For this map, you are given a Newbie, a Steyr M with a Trainee skin.
    • The gun has a few minor differences:
      • 3/1 ammo, instead of 12/2 for a Steyr M.
      • It also has much better damage, compared to the Steyr M.
  • No weapons are allowed for this apart from the weapon that's given.


  • The first Ammo Station you encounter has 1,000 refills.
  • You get the Tinpot after you finish this tutorial.
  • Targets cannot be moved by any means.
    • The Punching Bag is similar, except it can be moved slightly before snapping back into place.
  • Moderators can still join the server if you Modcall.
  • The Tutorial is specific to the player who initiated it.
    • Example being that if Player A is the one doing the Tutorial, and Player B joined the server, then Player B could not get the Newbie weapon nor complete Obstacle 1 and 2.
    • The Boo will turn towards Player A as well.
    • If Tutorial Island is successfully completed with two players, Player A will leave but Player B will remain.
    • If Player A has the Newbie, then that person will get the reward for killing the Targets, even if Player B kills them with a Molotov.
    • If Player B dies, they are put into Spectating and then they can respawn (as any zombie) during the AI Normals sequence. The same occurs with Player A resetting. However, Player B cannot win the round.
      • If you die during the AI Zombie sequence, with another player still alive, you can zombify.
    • It should be noted, however, if Player A wins then leaves, then Player B can complete the Bootcamp himself.
  • The Friendly Boo should disappear if you die in the middle of the tutorial.
  • The music of this map is from King Crab.
    • After this music ends, it goes into regular battle music.
  • Prior to v1.0.7a, Tutorial Island was only accessible by players who had never played R2DA before.
    • After v1.0.7a, those who had never completed Tutorial Island were able to play the map, even if they were past Rank 0.
  • After v1.2.8, Intermission is skipped whenever you die in Tutorial Island.
    • You cannot enter it under any circumstance while in Tutorial Island.
  • After v1.3.1, the map was replaced with a more modern version, found here.