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"Yeehaw! This Western Tune gets you in the feeling... The feeling of unsorted justice round' your parts."


The Tune is an attachment for the Peacemaker and Winchester. When first equipped, a western style theme will be audible to the entire server. This can only be played once and cannot be replayed again.

Background Story

Someone (or something) decided to create a business all about installing tiny MP3 players into Peacemakers that plays an old-timely wild west tune once.

However, it proved to be VERY popular, leading to many big name companies planning on copying off this idea. Sinister Arms Inc. used this idea to earn even more money off the popular Winchester. Turns out that people enjoy hearing western music before going into combat.


  • Do not buy for practical purposes, this is only for cosmetics.
    • This in fact only plays when you first equip it. After that, it will not play.
      • This doesn't apply to Team Deathmatch, where it can be played after you respawn.
  • This can give your position away if you are in Free For All or any PvP gamemode. While this isn't a major deal, this may lead to some people knowing your presence.


  • First attachment song.
    • In-game, the Peacemaker attachment is called "Old Western Theme".
    • The Winchester attachment is called "Desert Snake Theme".