This is the Truck for the Farmhouse Campaign. This will appear 3 minutes after using the Telephone to call the Truck. You must place 8 Rations in it so that you can escape from the Farmhouse. There are no seats inside the Truck meaning that you are never fully safe until you actually win.


  • Bring the Rations found inside, and outside, the farmbouse to the Truck.
    • You can, and should, do this before the Truck appears.
  • Using an infinite stamina item such as the Candy Cane can help you transport items to the Truck faster.
  • At the end, all survivors will be forced into the back of the Truck, meaning that it is a choke-point for Brutes, Swarmers and Elementals to attack.


  • This is a remake of the old truck that appeared for rescue during the original R2D Farmhouse.
  • This is the second truck to appear in R2DA, the first being the Victory Truck.
    • Though, unlike the Victory Truck, you don't have to repair the wheels.

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