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Trick O' Threat Town

This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"On a normal Halloween night, saying the phrase "Trick or Treat!" would mean treats for everyone. However, this is a video game and not your local neighbourhood. Its safe to say that there will be more "Tricks" than "Treats" that Halloween night."


Trick O' Threat Town is a village map with a Halloween style spook to it. This was only playable during the R2DA Halloween Event 2018 and the R2DA Halloween Event 2019. While being mainly a Minigame map, it had standard game modes, such as Survival.

Background Story

Despite the event of the apocalypse quite literally looming the world, some survivors still find the time to relive old-time traditions, whether it be Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or St. Patrick's. Regardless, it's a wonderful sight to see the remaining population of the world put their woes in the backburner for once and celebrate old-world traditions one more time until the nightmares of reality bring them back down to earth.

This time though, instead of the regular old candies for Halloween, survivors partaking in this one tradition celebrate by ringing doorbells, getting tickets, medical items (for some reason) and something beyond comprehension...


The map is organised like an oblong, with a construction site and park in the middle of the map. A road also runs around the map, cutting between the construction site and park.

Obviously, houses can be seen, decorated in a Halloween style. There is also a swimming pool in one of the corners of the map. The houses are of different shapes and sizes ranging from average houses to mansion-like houses.


  • The map is quite small.
    • Shotguns, such as the Spas-12 are recommended.
  • There are no invisible walls to prevent you getting knocked off. Try to stay away from the edge.
  • There is a workable claw in the middle of the map.
  • For Minigame, Punch and Kick the Halloween decorations to get Tickets.
    • Shooting some of the decorations, such as the pumpkin, will do nothing.
    • Also be warned that some of the decorations explode; Defibrillators recommended.
    • Guaranteed outcomes of Minigame decorations (note that they are from specific decorations):
    • The Ghost, Trumpet and Pumpkin cannot be shot at. You can shoot at every other decoration though.
    • Watch out for spawning zombies, they will try to thwart your progress.
    • The Rambo Knife is recommended to throw at trumpets as they can explode.
      • The Rambo Knife in general can be used to destroy everything at a distance.
    • The Shotty 12 is recommended for taking out the AI Normals and Skellies. The Shotty 12 is also good at taking down a Drone, as long as you have the Pumpkin Bot, extra shells or a good secondary.
    • The Minigun is recommended for the Drone.
    • If you are struggling to find an item, use the Tag Objective in the In-Game Store.


  • First event map to have non-exclusive gamemodes.