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"I almost feel bad for the zombies who will have to face this weapon. Triple barrels, high damage rockets and lots of reserve ammunition. This is, by far, the deadliest rocket launcher to have ever existed in the apocalypse."


The Tri-Blaster is a triple-barrelled secondary rocket launcher. Quick-firing, deadly accurate and far-ranged. Not to mention its ability to switch firing modes, shooting three rockets at once. If the RPG isn't your weapon, this will be.

Background Story

The hunt for explosives has not yet been forgotten.

After the RPG had found its way onto shelves, many survivors felt as if the explosives arsenal was completed. However, some older survivors and the elites remember of a weapon that could do a great deal of damage, mainly known as the Bazooka.

When the weapon was eventually junked and thrown off the explosive arsenal, the memories of the Bazooka still lived on to this day. Eventually, after the large outcry from these older survivors, Heavenly Day got to working on a new alter ego, but wanted to give it a little more power.

Why Heavenly Day instead of R-Brain Hardwork? Probably because of the fact the RPG existed. Market competition rules still exist. Even in the apocalypse.

After Heavenly Day developed a multi-barrel rocket system, allowing for compact, powerful rockets to be fit numerously into one launcher, they eventually came up with the Tri-Blaster. After a few tests, the Tri-Blaster was sent onto shelves.


  • This weapon is very effective for crowd control.
    • The burst mode is quite useful for hordes containing all zombies, except Brutes and Champions.
      • The burst mode can also be useful towards Brutes, dealing just shy of 1,000 damage in less than a second.
      • To enable burst mode press the ¨v¨ key
      • Bear this in mind for Rapid Infection where zombies have either 1,000 health or 3,000 health.
        • However, be aware that you may accidentally kill yourself if you shoot too close to yourself.
        • There is a little delay after you fire, So be careful not to move your aim down or you might blow-up yourself.
  • This weapon has low ammunition, so keep track of your ammo.
    • This has inefficient ammunition reload at Ammo Stations. By that, you only get three rockets at a time.
      • This is the case even with explosive ammo clips/ammo clips giving armors. (Flakvest, Scout, etc..)
        • Armors only give one extra rocket (if they normally supply one magazine), as opposed to three extra rockets.
      • Only reload at Ammo Stations when you have used three rockets to maximise ammunition.
    • Regular reloading is similar to the Wingmaster 870, Spas-12 and Shotty 12. You reload one rocket at a time.
      • As a result of this, it is recommended to reload whenever you have used a rocket.
  • This is not allowed in PvP gamemodes, so avoid bringing it.
  • This weapon is a triple-barrelled M202 with no dropoff, treat it as such.
    • This does not fire in an arc, unlike the M202. Instead, it fires close to straight towards where you aimed it at.


  • High Damage
  • High Total Damage
  • Quick Reload
  • High Range
  • High Accuracy
  • High Rate of Fire
  • Explosive
  • Burst and Single fire mode


  • Expensive
  • High Ranked
  • Low Magazine Ammo
  • No attachments
  • Low Reload Efficiency



  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 40 to 55.

  • The Tri-Blaster is the highest ranked and most expensive weapon.
  • The Tri-Blaster is the most accurate weapon in the game.
  • The Tri-Blaster has the highest range in the game.
  • When the Tri-Blaster fires, It will rotate its barrel.
  • First explosive weapon to have burst mode.
    • This is also the first explosive weapon to be able to switch firing modes.
  • The Tri-Blaster was named by Jopede.