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"About as dangerous as you imagine it to be. But only in your imagination."
―Mlle. Celedestin


The Toy Sword is a kid's sword, but it's more dangerous and effective for pushing zombies back. Can be used on Mounts.

It can be obtained from the Cake Chest in King Cherrycake or can be bought with Tickets.

Background Story

A flimsy rubber sword recovered from the Kingdom of King Cherrycake.

Certainly a dangerous, powerful weapon and not something made for, perhaps, training his guards.

Especially since his guards take care of intruders with their fists and boxing gloves.


  • You can use this weapon while on a mount.
    • This can grant you immunity while on the mounts.
    • In order to equip this while mounting, you must equip the Toy Sword first before you click "M".
  • Note that you cannot equip the Toy Sword with the M2 Tripod or Toy Plane.
    • You can use Toy Sword with the Grill, but it doesn't replace the spatula.
  • Due to the Toy Sword's weak damage, do not rely on it for killing.
    • Think of this as a slightly upgraded Tinpot.
  • A good weapon for quickly delaying zombies trying to kill you.
  • This is also a good weapon in Free For All and Melee Smash to use, as you can use a mount to gain on people.
  • There are three-hit animations.
    • The first is a left swing, then a right swing then finally a jab.


  • Mount Usable
  • Trip
  • Knockback


  • No Multi Hit
  • Low Damage
  • High Energy Usage



  • v1.1.7
  • v1.1.8
    • Price changed from 2,499T$ to 1,499T$.

  • Yet another returning weapon from R2D 2014.
    • In R2D 2014, this was the only weapon that was available for Robux only.
  • The first person to get this in Debug, besides PlaceRebuilder, was ArvenGamer.
  • This is the only weapon that you can use while having any mount equipped.
  • This is the second sword to be released, first being the Christmas Tree.
  • This is the first weapon without a custom idle animation.
  • The mesh can be found in the ROBLOX catalog under the Garbage Can Shield and Wooden Sword Set.
    • The texture is different, however.