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This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"In my room I do hide a surprise
But the secret's not for anyone's eyes
Check the flaps, a-okay,
Spin the prop, chocks away
Faster down the runway we go
Let's take to the skies, tally-bally-ho!"
―Baron Von Ghoul


The Toy Plane is a mount that can be obtained when you open the Red Gift. This allows you to fly, but if you land unsuccessfully, you will be likely killed due to an explosion.

Background Story

Things were looking bleak. Very, very bleak.

Yes, people could fly if they wanted to. There was that incredible story one time where the survivors on a remote holiday camp escaped onto a Private Jet. They were subsequently reported missing after that, but who cares? They got the chance to fly! People could no longer travel between continents for two main reasons. One, many governments around the world closed up shop to prevent the SANI virus from getting in... Or out. Two, while the necessary fuel was in abundance during the apocalypse (and were thus placed in Jerry Cans), there were no trained pilots around the world still alive. Well, anyone alive to fly those big modern planes common before the apocalypse.

That's the trouble when everyone is killing each other for resources. The people most needed for humanity's survival end up dying. With nobody around to fly the A320neos or 737-MAXs, Airbus and Boeing became bankrupt. Well, for the latter, I'm being told it was due to something called MCAS, but nobody has knowledge of that anymore. Short-haul flights to connect rural villages were over.

Except, Heavenly Day decided to make mass transportation. For flight. Absurd as it sounds, they proposed that every household should have a private plane within 10 years. However, to keep down costs, they had to model planes from an era where propellers drove planes instead of jets. While this may seem backward of the company, at least nobody had to have a master's degree in kinematics to figure out how to fly a plane. With all education closed down, nobody knew what acceleration, drag or upthrust even meant. Hell, people were beginning to forget gravity existed.

Like all good promotional campaigns, they decided to wrap personal planes in gifts. Well, the ignition keys for a plane that is. Lucky recipients had to head down to their nearest aerodrome to claim the prize.

While survivors were shocked that these planes looked like something out of Biggin Hill Airport during World War II, they appreciated private transportation.


  • Hold "W" to gain altitude and hold "S" to decrease altitude.
    • Holding "W" also increases speed, while holding "S" decreases speed.
    • Bear this in mind if you want to cruise at a suitable speed. Due to the drag force on the Toy Plane, decreasing too quickly will put the plane into a nose-dive.
  • The Toy Plane is banned in Quest. Switch into a different mount such as Duck Mount (if it isn't banned itself), Pumpkin Bot, Ice Rhino or Mini Crab.
    • However, the Toy Plane isn't banned in Boss.
  • Be sure to take off in clear areas to prevent death by collision. 
    • The runway on Campfire Chaos II is the perfect place to take-off, for example.
      • However, be aware when the Private Jet is landing. Crashing into it will result in you being blown up.
        • You can harm enemies with the explosion, including survivors in Free For All.
  • Using this to get to normally out-of-bounds parts of a map may lead to a Ban as it counts as "glitching".
  • Don't do terrorism jokes using this plane. You can either get Warned or Banned when applicable if you do that.
  • Use it to escape from hordes.
    • Be aware of the delay in taking off with this.
      • Throw a Pipebomb or deploy a Clockbomb to lure them away when taking off. Be aware of Edgars or Swarmers because they can pin you or disable your usage of the Toy Plane.
  • Even though it seems like you're invincible when in flight, you're still extremely vulnerable to a lot of attacks.
    • If you're flying high in the sky, an Edgar's tongue can grab you and throw you onto the ground.
    • An Electric Elemental's shock can make you unequip your plane. If you're low flying, it can easily leave you vulnerable to zombies.
    • Although unlikely, a Brute's club can easily kill you. You'll fly out from the plane and take extra damage from the Toy Plane's explosion.
    • Diggers and Leapers can jump off high structures to grab or trip a flying player.
    • The Toy Plane can block bullets, but only (mostly) from the front.
  • Land in a safe place with no zombies, like a building top or clear field.
  • It is recommended to practice flying and landing on Single Player to get a feel for the controls of the plane.
  • Be wary that you have a limited fuel source, like the Jetski.
    • Landing will replenish the fuel source over time.
  • The Toy Plane isn't recommended to small or tight maps due to the high possibility of obstacle collision.
    • Examples of unsuitable maps include Outpost 21, Mogadishu Transit, Subway and Casius Outpost.
    • Crashing into collidable objects and zombies will blow you up. It's better to take your time and be careful.
    • In Void, this might be the best mount, due to the lack of buildings.
  • It may be good if you bring a Parasol or a Cakepack so you can get out of the plane safely if you jump out too early.
    • Be warned that you cannot respawn the plane if you dismount in mid-air.
  • The Flakvest can mitigate most of the explosion damage if you crash.
  • Jumping out of the plane prior to a landing will "kill" the mount. 
    • Make as much of an attempt to land to prevent this.
    • Strangely, if you crash and explode, the plane will not be "killed", so if you are wearing the Flakvest, then crashing may be a better option.
    • However, you can equip a weapon or press "M" instead of jumping and the mount will not "die", even in midair.
  • The Toy Plane can actually roll down slopes. 
  • Don't attempt to use this in maps where there is an abundance of water and no safe spots to land in.
    • Examples include Panama Beach, for having sloped ground and lots of water so it's hard to land, and Blox Harbor, for having 2 islands, which both have fairly safe spots to land on.
  • In PvP modes, you can use the Toy Plane to crash into other players. You will still get the cash. This is only encouraged for groups of people and if you are wearing the Flakvest.
    • In Team Deathmatch, this is actually quite useful in eliminating opponents.
  • You cannot use the Toy Sword with the Toy Plane.
  • Once you see the words "Perfect landing!" on your screen, you can leave the plane without it being "killed".

If you're desperate, charge this plane at the enemy to get an epic last kill before dying.


  • Under RARE circumstances, other survivors (and zombies) can use your plane seen here.
    • If the Toy Plane crashes, the owner of the Toy Plane (not the pilot), will be damaged by the explosion.
      • This means that it is hypothetically possible to hijack another player's Toy Plane and kill them using it.
  • The Toy Plane design is likely based off of a Sopwith Camel Biplane.
  • The Toy Plane has conventional kinematic forces applied to it, unlike other ROBLOX planes.
    • Upthrust, acceleration, drag and gravity all apply to the plane.
  • The Toy Plane is the first controllable flying mount and the second flying mount.
  • This is the first mount that explodes.
  • The Toy Plane was probably based on a suggestion.
  • Second mount to not allow Toy Sword.
  • After update 1.5.2 Toy Plane stopped exploding on impact.