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Toy Factory

―Karl Marx


Toy Factory is a returning map from R2D 2014 and 2012. The map contains a factory engulfed in winter. Gifts can be opened to reveal certain items such as Medkits and Candy Canes. They can only be used during the round and do not transfer over to your store inventory.

Background Story

The Toy Factory.

Something about the place gave off an uneasy feeling of nostalgia for veteran survivors. Barely anything has changed, they supposed. But why are they back here? How did they end up there?

There's no time. The zombies are coming. The survivors came here for food and water and that's what the gifts were for previously: the poor. In a world like this, there's no time for fooling around or getting sentimental over an old bus station.

Maybe they'll get rescued in a giant gift, the veterans reckon. What a joke.


Players spawn outside the gates of the Toy Factory, where a frozen lake surrounds the map. There are a few gifts and trees outside the walls of the factory.

Inside the factory is a claw machine, similar to that of Trick O' Threat Town. A conveyor belt runs from the top floor down to the factory floor with a walkway that rotates around it. On the top floor is a control room with little to note.

The conveyor belt leads outside to a gift sleigh and a smoke stack. You can climb the roof of the factory, with very little to note on the roof.


  • Beware Diggers, they can easily trip you off the roof or off the map.
    • Be careful if you stand on the roof in general, anything that will trip you will deal a hefty amount of damage.
    • This doesn't apply if you fall off the roof with the Jetpack, as you take no fall damage from it, but you should still be careful regardless.
  • For the most part, shotguns, such as the Shotty 12, are recommended due to the closed nature of the map.
  • If you are brave enough, you can open the gifts to gain items that may help, such as Medkits.
  • Camping in the control room inside the factory is a good idea since you are invulnerable to most zombies.
    • However, beware Brutes and Swarmers as they can weed you out of the room.