"Hey look! It's the old crossbow from the old R2D! I remember playing with those explosive arrows! So much fun - wait, these are children toys? So no crossbows and explosive arrows? Oh..."


It's like a normal bow, but instead of using lethal projectiles, you use plungers. These plungers are special, and if any mob is hit by them, they are tripped. Landing these shots are quite difficult, however, so take your pick. The Toy Bow alone isn't reliable enough to kill enemies to the point where it doesn't kill Normal Zombies with all shots.

Background Story

To increase profits, Hellish Night decided to broaden their horizons. Instead of focusing exclusively on seasonal weapons, plans were made to also produce not-so-seasonal weapons.

Manufacturing a bow was their first choice. However, creating a bow is expensive, so materials were swapped out for the cost-efficient choice, that being plastic. Mass-producing arrows was also expensive, and the best alternative that was chosen were plungers.

In the end, this product was still technically a bow. You can't sue because of a technicality, so Hellish Night was free to market this as a bonafide bow.

Gotta make it kid friendly right?


  • You can equip this as a primary through the Double Equip system but you cannot gain extra arrows to carry around.
  • Even with the weak damage the Toy Bow does, the plungers that are fired trip mobs.
    • This can be useful in Free For All, as with a good shot, it will completely render adversaries vulnerable.
    • This can also be useful for tripping a Brute from a distance so it can do nothing but shield itself.
      • Though be careful as the Toy Bow has limited range. Getting within range of the Brute might make you an easy target.
      • Nonetheless, this is still a safer alternative than attempting to trip it with a short range weapon, such as a Rambo Knife or Karambit.
    • This small perk can also be useful to use during Rapid Infection, as you don't have to expend your energy attempting to trip zombies with melee.
  • Do not spam this. With ammunition low, you can easily chew through Ammo Stations.
  • You aren't shooting bullets, you're shooting arrows.
    • With every shot, you have to factor in gravity, and therefore have to shoot in an arc.
    • You can compare this to using the M202, which also fires using an arc.


  • Cheap
  • Trip


  • Low Reserve Ammo
  • Low Range
  • Low DPS
  • Low Damage
  • Low Total Damage
  • Low Damage per "Magazine"
  • Low Rate of Fire
  • Firing Arc
  • No Attachments


  • This is presumably based on the Toy Sword and the Crossbow from R2D 2014.
  • This is the first ranged weapon to be based on a bow.
  • This is the first ranged weapon to purposely trip other players/zombies.
  • The Toy Bow does the second lowest damage out of any weapon in-game, the lowest is the Toy Hammer.


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