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"The players from TDM and FFA are way more TOXIC than this skin."


Toxcloud is one of the common skin series in R2DA that can be found within Skincrates.

This is a green cosmic skin with a texture resembling space and toxicity. Sports many different shades of green around the body, barrels and even on the magazine. Fades from darker green to lighter green.


  • Similar to the removed Jungle skins.
  • This was originally going to be named "Interstellar" until PlaceRebuilder renamed it.
  • First material skin, tied with Supernova.
    • Similarly to Supernova, they use the material Granite.
    • However, if neon is counted as a material, this would only be the first commonly available material skin as Pink Neon, Daybreak, Kurai Shizen and Electric use the neon material.
Luger P08 - Interstellar.png
Karambit - Interstellar Tox.png
Katana - Interstellar Tox.png
AK-47 - Toxcloud.png
Spas - Interstellar.png
Scar - Interstellar.png
Luger P08 Karambit Katana AK-47 Spas-12 SCAR-H
Barret - Interstellar.png
R700 - Toxcloud.png
MAC-10 - Toxcloud.png
Barrett 50 Cal. Remington 700 MAC-10
AK47 - Interstellar .png