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"An elemental's best friend."


The Torch was a limited weapon that you can either obtain from the Event Store or from a Halloween Chest during the Halloween Event 2017.

The Torch is also a Campaign item during Buried Alive. It is used to light up other fixed torches and lanterns.

Background Story

In another time, the survivors opened the Halloween Chest to find not a bunch of artsy gobbledygook but a glowing, scorching hot-tipped torch that glowed indefinitely, perhaps enchanted by another one of the Pumpkin's fire-based spells.

Or it's just L-Brain Sidework doing some shady things, considering that it's being manufactured by the company. Speaking of which, is there a black market for these sorts of things, or is it just K177 messing around again?


  • This lets off a small light to help you in dark maps.
    • The flashlight has a brighter light, although the light only goes in one direction.
  • Use the Torch to destroy the Frozen Orbs in Yeti II.
  • This does not heal Elementals, feel free to use this on them.
  • The Flame Attachment for the Axe is a better version of this since it does more damage and the attachment has a 100% of setting enemies alight while this only has a 50% chance of doing so.
  • You do not need to bring your own Torch to Buried Alive Campaign as the campfire supplies a Torch. The Torch also spawns in all gamemodes, not just Campaign.
    • Be aware that you can catch on fire in Buried Alive, due to the campfire. You can try to grab the Torch, without catching fire, by crouching near the campfire and punching to grab it. You can also use the Firevest to prevent you catching fire.
    • When you are lighting the torches and lanterns, with the Torch, be sure that you hit the torch and lantern directly.
      • You may need to crouch to hit some lanterns.


  • Chance of Fire


  • Event Exclusive
  • Low Damage
  • No Multi Hit


  • This is the first melee weapon to cause a status effect by default.
  • The Torch could be the Torch from Buried Alive from R2D.
  • First event weapon that costs more than 999 Tickets.
  • Unlike the Chronos Chest, the Torch has a 50% drop rate from the Halloween Chest.
  • The Torch is the first melee weapon to be dropped from a chest.
  • The inventory name of the Torch is the "Flaming Torch".
  • This is the second event melee to have a Golden skin.