"you've just been tomahawked"


The Tomahawk is a lightweight, throwable, single-handed and relatively small hatchet-like axe with a black handle, curved blade with 3 holes and a pointed tip on the back of the head.

Background Story

A weapon from the olden days, the Tomahawk. Although it may look simple, this tiny, light object slices through zombie flesh like butter. Similar to the Karambit, one R-Brain Hardwork scouting group found survivors living off the land, with typical weapons, mostly firearms.

However, one unique addition to their arsenal was a tiny hatchet, designed to be thrown easily and at very high speeds. A few weeks later, the blueprints were completed and the Tomahawk began production. This tiny weapon, although surprisingly lightweight, packs one hell of a punch. Nobody knows why this is now completely uncontrollable and defective, but people blame it on the evolution of Zombies.


  • Use its ricochet ability to hit targets behind walls!
    • Use this ability to hit buttons in Quests!
  • The longer you hold, the further it goes.
  • Even though this is a hand-held weapon, it is still one-time use, so use it in emergencies only, as you would any other item.
  • Effective against Normal Zombies, Leapers, Swarmers and Edgars.
  • This is not a melee weapon, so do not expect to be able to chop zombies effortlessly.
  • Unequipping this, while preparing to throw, will allow you to put it back in your inventory.
  • The Tomahawk can explode Jerry Cans but not Propanes.
  • This is really effective in the Party Deathmatch if a user is not wearing armor, as this will easily kill them due to the lack of increased health.
    • In Free For All, this may be less suitable due to increased health



  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 10 to 23.

  • This is the first item that's able to ricochet.
  • In the In-Game Store this is shortened to "Toma".
  • Originally planned to be in R2D 2014 but the idea was later scrapped due to R2D 2014 closing.

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