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Tokyo, Japan

"Omae wa mou shindeiru."


This map takes place in a post-apocalyptic, heavily condensed iteration of Tokyo, Japan.

Complete with food stores, a pillow shop, a motel and more.

Background Story

This town's slogan was: "The big thrills of Tokyo in one small place!"

Most of their annual budget was spent on advertising this area. While the advertising campaigns did their work, many of their tourists just left days later in search of the real thing.

In fact, in the years preceding the apocalypse, this small little place cashed in to change its name to "Tokyo, Japan" to attract even more tourists, therefore making the referenced title "Tokyo, Japan, Japan".

Some of the less observant travellers have fallen for this trick, thinking the double Japan was a typo.


This map is basically a huge square with many high rise buildings. There are many alleyways between these buildings. As the buildings are quite square, the Karambit can be used to easily scale these buildings. Sprinkled throughout the streets are many shops with neat little references within them.

At two separate ends, there are two metro stations that can be reached by taking a staircase.


  • The tunnels are a great way to flank enemies in Team Deathmatch.
  • This map has a lot of parkour in it. Experiment and find new ways to get around the map!
    • The Karambit and Duck Mount can be incredibly helpful in traversing and quickly scaling some buildings.
      • If you are planning to use the Karambit take note that messing up while climbing a building will cost you some health.
  • The high rise building plays to your type of gameplay style. If you like sniping you can get on top of the buildings.
  • One wrong move and you can die of fall damage, if you are on the high-rise buildings.
  • Edgars roam this map due to the verticality of the map.
    • If you're a zombie, the Upgrade Climb ability will be very useful.


  • This is the third map to be named after a real-life place, after Mogadishu Transit and Panama Beach.
  • Includes many easter eggs:
    • Posters can be seen around the map that were made by ProductionTakeTwo and DoofDuckShmirtz.
    • A shop can be seen on the map that has pre-release items on sale.
    • There is a Forbidden Fabrics store, a reference to Martial Heroes, another game by PlaceRebuilder.
    • There is a T-Mobile knock-off company named TAI-Mobile, likely a reference to the moderator and Youtuber, TaiSenpai.
    • Miniature versions of Jopede and BelowNatural can be found on the map.
    • A hospital named "Mercy" can be seen in the background, a possible reference to No Mercy Hospital itself.
    • A few posters have tiny cats inside them. These cats come from a mobile game called The Battle Cats.