"A tire. Just a tire. I have nothing else to say."


The Tire is an item exclusive to 1930's Kingstreet's Campaign.

It's meant to be found, taken and placed on the Victory Truck before it can whisk you away to safety.

Background Story

A destroyed truck sits near a garage in Kingstreet. Perhaps it was meant to be fixed. Perhaps it was left there. You don't care about that, however. Opportunity has knocked on the door, and it's time to go. Repair the truck.


  • You have to find as low as 7, or as high as 12, Tires in a round.
    • This depends on how many are already present on the Truck at the beginning of the round. This is completely randomised.
  • You earn 1 Fame and 80$ for every Tire you place on the Truck.
  • Carrying one will mess with your camera. You cannot see anything in first person.
    • Third person is your only option here and, even then, you can't look behind you.
  • While you are holding a Tire, you can still punch, kick and run.
    • You cannot equip your gun at all as it will make you drop the Tire.
    • Equipping a Mount will drop the Tire.
    • Due to collisions, the Tire can travel far with the Rocket Sleigh.
      • If you plan to use the Rocket Sleigh, be aware that you will be tripped if you dismount.
    • Punch and Kick animations are overlapped by the Tire carry animation.


  • These also appeared in Evacuation, which is a removed gamemode.
  • There are multiple textures that a Tire could have when placed on the Truck.
  • Previously, if you drop the Tire into the water, you lose 1 Fame. The moment it despawns, the game will forcibly kill you.
    • Both punishments will still occur even if you dropped it by accident.
      • This was later removed as Tires now respawn.

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