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"With the Tinpot, you’re the man with the pan!"
―Generic 3.0


The Tinpot is a returning weapon from R2D. It is a decent melee for beginners but be aware of the low damage. This isn't a killing machine.

Background Story

According to legend, a survivor from the early stages of the SANI outbreak survived for months with two Tinpots, one on his head, the other to kill the walking dead. No one knows where he is; he could still be alive, giving zombies a good smack, or he could be a zombie himself, but it is highly speculated that he is dead due to his whereabouts and deeds coming to a halt after a certain point in time, though his body remains unfound.

L-Brain Sidework decided to take advantage of the story and refurbished many Tinpots to sell to the new survivors. Many complained about the weak damage of the new weapon but, to make up for it, a worker simply said: "You just need to find your inner tinpot noob."


  • The Tinpot is a great alternative to the Shovel if you do not want to use as much energy.
  • Use the low energy per swing to your advantage. You can last quite a while with your immunity, while attacking with it.
    • However, it only has 1 max hit, so you won't go long with it alone, as it's also very weak.
  • It doesn't push, but it trips, causing zombies to land right in front of you.
    • This can be used to perform combos, such as gunning the zombie in the head, with a Steyr M, straight after.
  • The Tinpot is great for tripping zombies, as this has a very short swing time and stamina usage. Use this to spam for groups of zombies.
  • This is recommended for Melee Smash due to its speed, but remember to bring a high damaging melee as well if you plan to use this.


  • Cheap/Free
  • Low Ranked
  • Trip
  • Low Energy Usage


  • No Multi Hit
  • Low Damage



  • v1.1.6
    • Default skin changed.

  • Returning weapon from R2D 2014.
  • The Tinpot trumps the Shovel as the cheapest weapon in R2DA.
  • The Tinpot consumes the least energy out of all the melees, tied with the Rambo Knife and Karambit.
  • The Tinpot is the second weakest melee, after the Toy Hammer.
  • After v1.1.6, the inside of the Tinpot became darker.​​​​​​ The original version is now the Classic skin.
  • The mesh can be found in the ROBLOX catalog under the Tin Pot.
    • The texture is different, however.