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"I've got a Golden Ticket!"


Tickets are another one of R2DA's in-game currencies that involve event items. Once you defeat a Boss, a bunch of tickets are spewed out of the Boss and you have to grab them all before all your other teammates do. 100 Tickets spawn that can be grabbed when a boss dies, 200 Tickets total. They also are spawned around Quest maps in certain locations.

You can also buy 100 Tickets for 100R$ or 1,000 Tickets for 900 R$ via the Booster.

1 Ticket Grabbed = 2 Tickets Earned



  • Tickets can only be used in the Event Store.
  • Tickets will carry on to the next event.
  • You cannot pick up Tickets if you're a zombie.
  • In maps with lava (such as Pumpkinator's Stronghold), if you lose both legs, you cannot get Tickets without jumping for it, due to your reduced height.


  • These share similarities to Coins, the very first currency in R2DA, in that you must physically pick them up.
  • Tickets are sometimes called T$ for short.
  • After Christmas 2016, Tickets were reset back to zero for everyone.
  • Here is the link of the Ticket decal when you pick it up from the ground.
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