"When you're in a zombie apocalypse it's always OK to take your time and find tickets, only to be exploded by a ticker or get clubbed by a brute"


The Ticket is a Campaign item for Subway. It is individualised, so you must find your own and you have to find it to sit on the Train.

Background Story

That moment when you bought your ticket to freedom and you drop your Ticket.

Damn, happened to all of us at the best of times, right? Time to find it, though.


  • Use "Tag Objective" to find the Tickets faster.
    • The Tickets are individualised, so communication and knowledge of other people's Tickets are key.
  • You get 100$ for finding your ticket.
    • You know you have found your ticket as it will appear next to your healthbar.
  • Tickets will always spawn on zombie spawns.
    • Use knowledge on where zombie spawns are to find the Tickets.


  • Used as map decoration in 2014.
  • The Tickets take your avatar and your name.
    • First personalised item for players.
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