• Summary

    The RPK is a light machine gun part of the AK family. It deals huge damage along with its decent accuracy and range. Its big ammo magazine capacity will make you last a bit longer than other weapons. This is the perfect rival for the M249 and should be definitely be feared of.

    Background Story

    When the M249 was released, surely it had a big impact to the weapons industry. All of the pro's were going for this gun. Who wouldn't? It packs a punch, has decent ammo and can penetrate up to 3 zombies. All of these traits made the other guns look like garbage. It seems like everything is fine, but due to the big demand for that weapon, it made a huge problem for them. You see, M249s aren't easy to be manufactured. It costs alot of resources and materials to create one, and when R-Brain Hardwork only has limited resources, it'd create a big issue for them. They had to think for an alternative weapon, something cheap yet still a rival weapon for the M249. The RPK was the obvious solution for this. It wasn't long that other pro's have switched to the RPK for their main weapon.


    • This weapon still slows you down, be sure to unequip this gun when not in use. (same walkspeed with the M249.)
    • Be sure to crouch to maximize accuracy when firing.
    • Equip the Drum Mag when fighting bosses to maximize damage.
      • Be aware that you'll have to sacrifice your reload speed for this, making you vulnerable to the boss's attacks.
    • If you prefer accuracy over than ammo count, then equipping Bipods than Drum Mag may be a good idea.
    • Take advantage of the Hard Impact trait, try to line up zombies.


    • High Damage
    • High DPS
    • High Total Damage
    • Fast Firing
    • Fairly Accurate
    • Decent Range


    • Expensive
    • Slow Walkspeed
    • High Ranked
    • Sluggish Reload Speed


    • Second LMG to be added in R2DA.
    • Second LMG Suggestion by Feinapfel.


    Drum Mag (Slot #1)


    +25 bullets (45/1 > 70/1) 

    -20 Accuracy (115 > 95)

    Reload Speed increased from 3.7s to 4.7s


    Bipod (Slot #1)


    +10 Accuracy (115 > 125)

    Hipfire (Slot #2)



    Rebel Pose (Slot #3)


    +Cool Factor 


    • 2/16/2020: Blog Created
    • 2/17/2020: Thread Created
    • 2/17/2020: Cost increase from 75k to 80k
    Firerate nerfed from 600 to 560
    Magazine count nerf from 2 to 1
    Rank lowered from 50 to 43
    • 3/9/2020: Added Semi-Auto (along w/ buff)

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