• ==Sawed-Off Shotgun==


    For those who like the double barrel, but have a much better primary, the sawed-off can turn a fairly decent primary, down into a secondary. A very desirable weapon as it has almost the same stats as the double-barreled shotgun.

    ==Background Story==
    As the survivors were getting better and better weapons, they looked to their double barrels as their old reliable. For a while, they though about how it would be as a secondary, all the possibilites. When a lone survivor was sitting in a garage, he saw all the tools surrounding him, and he noticed a large saw, for cutting down wood, then he looked down at the weapon in his hands and thought: "Hey! I could saw down the barrel and the stock, then this would be light enough as a secondary.". The survivor quickly got to work and tested it out, it worked almost exactly like the full-size, double barrel. He brought the design to R-Brain Hardwork and they got straight to production. Of course, it would be much more pricey than the DB as it was a secondary weapon.
    *Treat this as if you were using a double barrel.
    **Be weary of the range and accuracy though, as that is lowered.
    ***The damage is also lower, so check what you are fighting.
    *This has 2 less reloads than the double barrel, so mind your ammo.
    **Bring armour that gives extra mags if you don't want to worry about it as much.
    *Double Fire has the same effect as with the double barrel.
    **You have less ammo than the double barrel, don't shoot it too much.

    *Decent Damage
    *Decent Reload Speed
    *Uses Mags Instead Of Shells
    *Low Ranked

    *Low Accuracy
    *Low Ammo per Clip

    *First secondary shotgun
    *Different different model than the DB My current animations for the weapon

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