• I personally am not affected by the new nerf due to how it was never really good in the first place, unlike the chad that was L4D2's mounted gun.

    but anyway, Place really made a mistake with only allowing 400 bullets to fire from it at a given time, and with the fact that the M2 doesn't have a set firerate.

    To fix it, I have three simple buffs/nerfs

    - Change turning speed (this has been an issue since day 1, It needs to be addressed)

    - Set the M2 to have a firerate like the normal guns, and return the original unlimited ammo.

    -The M2's overheat lasts twice as long as normal, punishing bad players/afk farmers

    The M2's main downfall was the fact that the M2 could be fired as fast as you can click (or as fast as the autoclicker can). With this problem in mind, Place can remove the limited ammo, but he can set the firerate to maybe the firerate of 575 RPM, slightly faster than the thompson and steyr, but still a slow firing weapon

    These three changes are perfect to balance out the M2 as they address the problems surrounding the M2 and fix them, while making the M2 have it's own foothold in this game.

    However, I'm open to other suggestions and/or constructive criticism

    TL:dr make M2 good again. Make it slow, make it turn fast, and make overheat long 

    edit: fixed some words

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