• So when a survivor uses a pipe bomb, and a ticker gets to a close enough range to it where it will die, and when the pipe bomb explodes and the ticker "dies" and the tank explodes, the player playing as the ticker will see that the health is 0, yet they seem to still be still alive? (I know zombies are technically undead but you get the point). One playing as the ticker can still attack and walk but they cannot rush as their tank will be gone, despite the fact they have 0 health, they are basically unkillable at that point and this glitch is easily abusable. Though one weakness is that they can't jump, so when you trip them (such as a fire extinguisher) they will not be able to get up which is mainly the only way to counter them with ease. 

    Although tripping them will easily counter this, it is annoying and should be fixed.

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