• Hello.

    I want to say right away - I know that this weapon is already more than a year old. I would not write a article if the problem was only in the characteristics of the sword.

    - What is the problem?
    The problem is the hitbox. Yes, right, the problem with this sword is that it is impossible to hit the target with the sword even if you hit it visually. This is shown in the video below (Timecode: 0:51)

    - Why should this bother us? Nobody even uses this trash!
    The problem, maybe, should not bother you, but I think that broken items in the game need to be fixed, and as I said, the problem is the hitbox bug.

    I hope this article will help deal with such an small bug and improves this melee weapon a bit...

    R2DA - FIX Bone Sword-1

    R2DA - FIX Bone Sword-1

    Bone Sword and Tinpot Hitboxes comparison

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