• It's been a while since we made a new suggestion, but now after a few setbacks on our plans and MAJOR STEPS taken, we've finally bring to you AKS-74U, a collaberation between the SAI team and National_Rascal! We are creating more weapons soon so stick around till the end to learn more about what's next.

    M1 Garand will be the last thread where we provide images of poses, now that we can make our own animations, they are no longer needed.


    The AKS-74U is a high end mid rank weapon that acts like a SMG, but is actually an assault rifle like its previous model, the AK-47. The 'U' in the name stands for 'Ukorzochennyj' in Russian, meaning 'Shortened'. The AKS-74U has a Foldable Stock and Extended Mag as attachments to go along with its release, same with an animation pack called 'Rebel'. The weapon may seem small, but it does has some kick for being a more updated version of the AK model.

    Background Story

    A rival weapons manufacturing company operating near the SAI headquarters was recently under fire over a scandal involving their shoddy craftsmanship in their AK-47's sold to survivors. Parts breaking, chambers jamming, rifles exploding after one shot fired.

    The CEO of Sinister Arms was furious, so many people had suffered grievous injuries and even died because of these malfunctions, how could they keep selling such a faulty product?

    His choice of action was to steal their manufacturing blueprints. If they couldn't utilize it properly, he has the engineers possible to fix it into a proper weapon. Besides, from what he saw, this wasn't some R-Brain Hardwork AK botch job, this manufacturer's blueprints were their own... and soon to be not.

    To cut a long story of tactical stealth and espionage short, the blueprints were extracted from the rival facility with the rivals being none the wiser. Sinister Arms couldn't contain their excitement about the success and held a large office party for a job well done.
    5 hours later, the CEO wakes up from his groggy stupor. He looked down to see the blueprints on a table... that he had been sleeping on. He panicked and scanned the blueprints for damages of which he discovered most of the details were smudged down.

    Down, but not out, he quickly pulled out a blank blueprint and frantically sketched down the details of the gun again. It didn't look right, but the intricate details for manufacturing were correctly made, and handed off to the manufacturing team. It took a week for the prototype to be made and into the CEO's hands. It looked perfect.

    ...Except for one problem, it was ridiculously short. The manufacturing team had taken his sketches too literally and had ended up with a smaller version of the AK-47, still packing a punch and maintaining the reliable nature its predecessor upholds.


    • Decent Damage
    • Decent rate of fire
    • Useful attachments


    • Short ranged
    • Expensive
    • Can run out of ammo quickly


    • AKS-74U has a serial number on the side of the gun, just like how there are serial numbers on parts of the weapon when they are manufactured in real life
    • The serial number reads GS-06192001, refering to GoSinister's initials and his birthday.
    • Idea by GoSinister & National_Rascal, texture and model improvements by LITTLEROBBY11, animated by Scrufus, and backstory by ignys.

    AKS-74U Attachments

    The model was already created, which I'm pretty sure National bought. It was high poly which we fixed up. I wanted the weapon to have some variety to it, which I asked Robby if the stock and mag be modified so we can make two new attachments for it. The attachments for the gun are more flexible than the AK-47, giving it actual useful stats instead of none. This is to help add some variety and make the player choose would they like MP5 or AKS-74UFolding Stock extends the stock of the gun. It provides +15 accuracy and range, it costs $5,000. It serves as the first attachment, you must choose either the Rebel Pack ($5,000 as well) or the Stock. Extended Mag gives you +15 bullets, costing $2,250. Stats are shown below.

    Folding Stock [+15 Accuracy & +15 Range] ($5,000)

    Rebel Animation Pack ($5,000)

    Extended Mag [+15 Bullets] ($2,250)


    Like always here are some reference videos for the animations and such.

    I got no quote this time...

    Animations [VIDEO]

    We originally were going to have fusionFSJAL create the default animations, however due to some complications with exporting the animations, it couldn't be fixed. Luckily, Scrufus made his animations for the weapon, even going out of his way to provide an animation pack which serves as the third attachment for the gun. We tossed around the idea of naming it Terminator or Rebel, but I ultimately decided Rebel because I don't see the terminator using the AKS-74U in the movies lol. Instead of just an idle animation change, the animations change entirely.

    UNOFFICIAL R2DA AKS-74U Animations

    UNOFFICIAL R2DA AKS-74U Animations

    Animations made by Scrufus

    In Conclusion / TL;DR

    AKS-74U is suppose to have a duality with MP5, like how AK-47 is to Famas. This idea was created by National_Rascal, props to him for making this idea happen. We're hard at work right now with recent developments to create more weapons, we've now started major progress on Chinalake and Crossbow. If you liked this suggestion, give us some kudos to show you really care and so PR sees other people like it as well. If you have any critiques or ideas for the gun, show them in the comments, they're greatly appreciated.


    • GoSinister - Aided in the creation of the idea & backstory, made the stats.
    • National_Rascal - Creator of idea, provided model
    • LITTLEROBBY11 - Improved Model & Texture
    • ignys - Created backstory
    • Scrufus - Animated Default & Rebel animations

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