• EDIT (10/14/19): i did not expect to get more than 60 kudos within the first day of releasing this thread, thank you for the feedback and approval of this suggestion, it means a lot to me and the team who made this weapon happen. we're going to work on bringing back old r2d 2014 weapons later on and possibly soon more weapons after that. thank you for the support! EDIT (10/15/19): 80 KUDOS! also nerfed rank to rank 28 and the price to $60,000

    EDIT (10/18/19): balanced the gun again, nerfed damage, range, and accuracy and buffed rank


    Brought to you by the original creators of the 1886 Winchester. We're very pleased with how the gun was received by the community, and how it eventually came to be in the actual game. Since that thread, we've learned a lot about what we should do and what not to do, you can see how the suggestion really changed since its first iteration. However today, we're here with another suggestion that will hopefully earn the community's approval once again. We spent a lot more time working on this suggestion in particular than the Winchester suggestion in many ways. I hope you guys like it as much as we liked creating this weapon.


    The Model 1887 is a high rank lever-action shotgun. It does excellent damage with decent accuracy and range. It has limited ammo that can be used fairly quickly. It can be considered the weapon to complete the western style loadout if Winchester is not your cup of tea. However, it has a very unique animation modifier that no other weapon has in their attachments...

    Background Story

    It was a rainy night in the middle of the apocalypse. The CEO of Sinister Arms Inc. was laying on his couch, bored to death with achieving his goal of reviving his business with the 1886 Winchester. He was all for the adventure, the hunt of finding something that worked, but was bummed out when he finally reached his end goal. He turned on his TV and put in a particular movie about a cyborg Tinpot Noob going back to the past to save a certain child from danger. As he drifted to sleep half way into the movie, the CEO had a vivid, yet powerful dream about that particular movie. It wasn't about the story nor the setting that it took place in, it was about the particular shotgun the cyborg used in the film. The way it was handled in the movie, the way it was fired like the Winchester, the way it was introduced in the film, it was perfect.

    The CEO immediately sprang from his couch and quickly wrote down his ideas in his notes all the while the movie played again for the 5th time on his TV. Later that afternoon, he pitched the idea to his three colleagues. All four of them were in. They researched what type of gun was used in the film, which turned out to be a Model 1887. Soon after, the second gun to ever be manufactured by Sinister Arms was available to all survivors of the apocalypse. To make sure that sales for their other business would skyrocket with this new weapon, they included a free figurine set of the Gunslingers from their marketing campaign for the Winchester.


    • Excellent Damage
    • Quick Reload
    • Decent Firerate


    • Low Ammo
    • Expensive
    • High Rank


    • Ingame is referred to simply "Model 1887".
    • The Model 1887 is the second Lever-Action in R2DA
    • The Model 1887 is known for being the gun used by the Terminator in Terminator 2, or simply referred to the most overpowered shotgun in Modern Warfare 2
    • Idea by GoSinister, modeled by bloxxerMan666, textured by LITTLEROBBY11 with the help of ignys.

    ANIMATIONS / Poses

    Like in our Winchester thread, we're starting to get the hang of posing and animating these suggestions with ease. This gun was a little more easier than Winchester, but it still proved to be quite challenging. The Terminator poses and animations is maybe the most unique animations you can get in an animation modifer for a gun. This took the longest because of how challenging it was to pose, model the box (you'll see it below), and animating.

    D​​​efault Animations

    We made the poses a little similar to the Shotty 12 animations, but still unique enough to tell both of them apart. Besides, they're both a short shotgun you can run around with.

    Terminator Animations

    Instead of a Cowboy or Gunslinger attachment, we wanted to do something that was iconic for this particular weapon. It's not very known for being a cowboy gun, but it's very well known for being used in Terminator 2. The way this gun was introduced all the way to how the gun was used in the movie is what made this gun so iconic. We improvised on some of these poses, but stayed true to how it was used in the movie, including the unique equip animation. In the equip animation, instead of taking out the gun normally, you take it out of a Sinister Arms Inc. themed figurine set ready to fire, including a little Terminator rift that plays during the equip animation. This of course is just a more visualized tune attachment as you only get this animation once when you first equip it, but it's just another small detail we left in to show you're getting more than you bargain for spending $5,000 for this attachment.


    If our poses or animation video isn't enough to help you visualize this weapon, I went ahead and posted some videos below for you to check out to see where we got the ideas for some of these animations and poses. References:

    Just hope you don't accidentally shoot yourself in the head... AGAIN.

    Animations [VIDEO]

    Like in our previous thread, bloxxerMan666 animated the Model 1887 poses for us, including the unique equip animation for the Terminator attachment (as you can see in the video it loses its texture for a split second then gets sent to the void lol)

    M1887 Animations - R2D A Suggestion-0

    M1887 Animations - R2D A Suggestion-0

    Model 1887 Animations by bloxxerMan666

    In Conclusion / TL;DR

    We're very pleased with how the 1886 Winchester thread was received and how it was eventually put into the game. The process on both the thread and making it ingame was very fun, and we hope that you enjoy the weapon as it is today. I hope the same can go with this next weapon, I know a lot of people thought the Winchester was a shotgun then realized it was just a rifle, but maybe you'll feel less bummed out by an actual lever-action shotgun that's known for being the gun that helped the Terminator save John Connor. A lot of trial and error went into this gun to make sure that it was widely accepted by the people I contacted to review this gun. I just want to make sure we nailed this gun perfectly, or at least more accurately than what it could be later down the line. If you have any feedback or suggestions on what we can do with this gun, feel free to say your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Give this suggestion a kudos if you did indeed like it,


    • GoSinister - Creator of the idea, made the stats, poses, and backstory
    • ignys - Wrote the backstory, created terminator poses
    • LITTLEROBBY11 - Textured the weapon and created the icons
    • bloxxerMan666 - Created the model, animated every animation
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