• I literally hate that map now with water before we had a lot of space and now we have tiny space i dont even play Foxriver That much cause of the water i cant even farm on it with the tiny space

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    • im glad that foxriver doesn't have ice anymore. For context, i've been on the game for a while, and i'm rank 45, so it's not like I just came here fresh.

      it was just cancerous seeing servers upon servers of foxriver grind. Those servers also were one of the major reasons new players don't go back to this game. If the true colors of the high ranked people didn't turn them away, it was the look of the map. The map looked TERRIBLE. The map is bland, the snow making your eyes hurt.The pink skybox and the white map that just screwed with my head. Hopefully now even more maps will be chosen instead of that one.

      If you honestly believe foxriver needs the ice back, you're an idiot.

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    • Foxriver Prison - without the ice - makes the map at least more enjoyable now. There are many maps that you can farm (Vict- Ahem, I mean Spamtoria for one, but seriously, the greatest thing I like about it is it completely abolishes Speed Glitching on Melee Servers/Matches.

      Of course, this will never solve the Farming due to the tighter space and explosions (not to mention how little the zombie's have in mobility and space they have now than before..), but Speed Glitching was the only - and I mean the only - reasons why it is chosen so often (Melee Server wise mind you), just for the sole purpose to waste a moderator's time and giving people a week worth's ban just for a stupid advantage.

      This map alone is not what made new players go away - The mechanics are hardly explained to them - Survivor and zombies alike, too many experienced players mow them down upon spawning, they are stuck with some shitty weapons (some still seeking buffs/nerfs), HR's are more difficult to take down with their jetpacks, M249/P90/Barret and in general, the most tedious grind that they would prefer simulators as they are ####### easy to achieve with a CLICK OF A BUTTON. In short, it's just not moderately easy for newer players except for hardcore players loyal to the community, but a ####### map changes nothing.

      I for one, am happy that the kill script for Foxriver water is removed but more ideally the ice. This isn't on behalf of the lower ranked/new players, but because an advantage you take is gone - which I bet you deserved the ban... So yeah, I say no.

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    • I didn't like to play melee smash because people would only use Foxriver.

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    • Now that I think of it y’all are right i just need to understand how to play it and get use to it

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