• SA80(SA80A2 to specify)


    Its a balanced
    SA80A2 image

    SA80A2 with SUSAT scope

    carbine weapon coupled with a moderate rate of fire, decent reserve ammo and medium clip size aswell as various attachments.

    The weapon can be automatic or semi auto by pressing v. Background During the beginning of the SANI virus outbreak the British military used the SA80A2 and the SA80A3 and saw how useful it was at taking down the infected hordes. As Law and order collapsed so did the military when members from R-brain hardworks were scavenging from a military base in Britain they found blueprints of the SA80A2 and made their own version of it. To make manufacturing costs cheaper they kept the normal magazine size of the weapon and made it even more lightweight but with much smaller bullets of 4.5MM instead of 5.5MM. The fire rate was also reduced from 770 to 680.

    Type: Primary Assault rifle Price: $37,500 Rank: 19 Weapon Statistics Damage: 35 (140DPS?) Range: 110 Accuracy: 95 Rate of Fire:~0.1s 680 RPM Ammunition: 30/2 Reload time: 2s Firing mode(s): Auto & Semi-Auto


               -SUSAT Scope $3,000(+45 range,+35 accuracy)slot 1 occupies
               -Extended mags $2,250(+4 bullets)slot 2 occupies
               -Bayonet $1,500(when touching enemies it deals 40 damage)slot 2 occupies
               -5.6mm SPIRAL $4,000(+25 damage -10 accuracy)slot 2 occupies
               -Iron sights (supplied)(+10 range)slot 1 occupies

    AMMO types: -fire ammo $75 Skins:- N/A Other Manufacturer: L-brains Hardwork designer: N/A added in: N/A Pros -High rate of fire -Good reserve ammo -Automatic -2 firing modes -various attachments CONs -higher ranked -low starting damage -expensive(even more expensive with all attachments) /'Trivia'/ This weapon is a personal weapon used in the British military since 1985 till now the reason why i added 5.6MM SPIRAL is because irl SA80's have their bullet spiraling into the target so when the bullet enters the enemy at front its a small whole and at the back its a massive hole. Its irl range is about 300 meters there was meant to be a night vision attachment for this but the military instead uses nightvision on their helmets hopefully this gets added as a really cool medium rank weapon.

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