• Alright we know zombified survivor are so weak and easy to kill but high health that cant do anything to fix it

    Now Armors will give those abilites to that zombified survivor

    Firevest- very simple immunity to fire or flamey

    Bulldozers- 250+ health no trip no fall damage

    Faraday- no trip to defib 160+ health 3+ damage

    Scout/Tactial II- can sprint x2 faster and longer but +55 health 2+ damage

    For event armors...

    Christmas cape- +500 (aka double the health) +10 dmg

    Frozen xmas cape- 350+ health no ice effect +5 dmg

    Yeti helment- no ice effect 100+ health no headshot

    Farmers jacket- spawns 3 ai zombies around you that have 280 hp but cant sprint and +30 health


    Can sprint/run

    10+ hp on r2da community group

    So what you think about it? Good idea or bad

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