• last time in woven recordin server. 

    salah789 and yedlex make a deal and 1v1

    yedlex as a survvior with a barret,

    salad789 as a brute and have extremely sniping accurcy.

    salah789 said "1v1 me loser and i will give u free art"

    so yedlex said "yes ok"

    yedlex flew his sleigh and shot salad789 in the head 2 times

    and within 2 second yedlex died from a explosive club to the face.

    salad789 won the battle against yedlex in tokyo map.

    salad789 insults and teabag yedlex.

    yedlex zombify 

    salad said "who is your master"

    yedlex said "depression"

    salad said " correct and why?"

    yedlex said......


    Uh Oh!! salad789 forgot the rest of the story, and you don't get the art hahaha. gg btw

    jokes aside, that was 1 epik fight we had 


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