• Summary

    The AA12 is a primary automatic shotgun that is capable of taking down tanky enemies very quickly with no trouble, like any other shotgun it deals devastating damage up-close but can be a real problem when dealing enemies far from you.

    This shotgun is highly recommended for trigger happy shotgun users.

    Background Story

    After R-Brain Hardwork handing out their new different kind of shotguns, the survivors enjoyed it. The DB Shotgun being a classic 2 shot, but a very dangerous weapon not to mess anyone who wields it, the Wingmaster 870, the good ol iconic shotgun and the Spas-12 the deadliest of them all, easily became the most respected weapon and now the Shotty 12, the extremely dangerous weapon when it gets up-close, though there were some complaints about the range being useless, but the majority of the users didn't complain.  

    People were excited what was their next shotgun, What could they be up to? What were their plans? Could it be better than the SPAS? People were just so excited and so hyped, they wanted a new weapon to put 8 holes to a zombie, R-Brain knew about this and they really put some thought to it, gathering the available resources and the technology they have for them to make this certain weapon, they have decided the AA12 is perfect for them, the abundant military troops near in their area made it easier to replicate it instead of a torn out blue print thats probably laying around a Ticker's radiation pool, thus the production of the AA12 began. 


    • Despite being fully automatic, you should be aware that ammo is very limited and takes time to reload.
      • If the reload time becomes a bother to you, it is better to use the standard magazine instead of the extended ones.
    • It is recommended to wear vest that supply ammo to reduce constant reloading from ammo boxes.
      • Since these are magazine-fed shotguns, vests will supply you mags not shells individually.
    • The extended magazine is not a "direct upgrade" to your gun, it may increase the ammo capacity but it can also increase the reload speed of your weapon, be sure which side you are confident on.
      • However the laser attachment, is a direct upgrade, so it is recommended to purchase it right away to put this gun to its very limits.


    • Good Damage
    • Quick ROF
    • High Total Damage
    • Good DPS


    • Low Accuracy
    • Bad Range
    • Expensive
    • Sluggish reload speed


    • First automatic shotgun if ever added.
    • First shotgun to use a magazine in-game if ever gets added.

    Possible Replies

    "no stop this automatic shotgun crap its not balanced and they should be never added to R2DA unless you want it to become a chaotic failure of a game."

    > the reload speed, the shit accuracy and range already makes it up for it, the ROF is not that even fast, slower than the thompson's and i even made the reload speed slow

    "where is the standard mag model"

    >im lazy ok

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