• Hello fellow R2DA players!

    First off, let me say this: I am a really big fan of the new Outskirts map. It brings me joy to see my all-time favorite map return to R2DA as I hold lots of cherished memories from playing the original map, and the original R2D from well over 10 years ago (yes, I am that old. You can assume, and assume right, that I am indeed a R2D Veteran). I type these words to you not only as a R2D veteran, but as a roblox veteran in general. Here is my suggestion for a campaign for Outskirts. I know ya'll are gonna like it!

    Some might argue that rescue is a better mode for Outskirts as opposed to a campaign. Yes, maps like New Bloxcoast II and Blackfied Station have rescues instead of campaigns but I feel as though a campaign for Outskirts will help it become more of a fun map to play as opposed to rescue. In a campaign you get to explore the map as opposed to finding a camping spot in rescue. Plus, by completing tasks in campaign you could earn extra money or fame.

    Phase 1

    Survivors spawn in the normal spawn area. There is a time limit of approximately 4 minutes to find a phone. The phone is the same one in Farmhouse. The phones are randomized per round to promote exploration of the map (its a really amazing map once you get to explore it) and can be found in one of the following 5 locations:

    - Underground Bunker

    - Train Station

    - Radio Tower

    - TV Station

    - Building right near spawn (Rare occasion)

    The player that then makes the call is rewarded 50$ and 1 fame.

    Phase 2

    The train driver replies to the call and reports that he is prepping a train and will be arriving soon. However, he requires that you, the survivors, do your part in staying alive by gathering some much-needed rations for the trip.

    The survivors must gather approximately 10 rations (same as ones seen in Farmhouse, MS Antares and Blox Harbor) from around the map and place them on the station platform. You are given approximately 7 minutes to complete this task. Placing a ration on the platform will reward you with 1 fame.

    Phase 3

    The train then arrives, but the engineer makes a rather odd-request before he departs. He wants to take some memoirs with him as this is the last time he will ever come back to this particular train station. He would go after them himself, but he has to stay and operate the train. Just be glad he came with the train, most people would've just left you there with no hope of survival.

    You, the survivor, are tasked with locating approximately 10 various railroad-themed memorabilia (Railroad Posters, Lanterns, Train Sets, etc) across the map within the same 7 minutes. These items can spawn in the same locations where the phone can spawn. I will provide reference pictures for some of these forms of memorabilia in the comments.

    Collecting a piece of said memorabilia will net you 50$. You do not have to bring the items to the station. Collecting them will automatically fill the counter.

    Phase 4

    Now that the items and rations have been loaded (Game will automatically load them onto the train), the engineer gives his sacred "All Aboard!" call. You are given two minutes to board the train, otherwise you will be left behind. The passenger car (located behind the engine) act like a helicopter/bus. Press F and you can enter, you are safe from any mob attack and ticker radiation. You can exit the car and re-enter, but do so at your own risk.

    As an homage to the old version of the Outskirts map, one lucky player will have the privilege of boarding the engine and ride with the engineer if they choose to do so. Other players who try to enter after one person goes in will get this response from the engineer: "Back in the cars, I don't need another Casey Jones!" The person who enters the engine will not be allowed to exit, as the Engineer needs a second hand at the helm of the engine.

    Once the train chugs off, the survivors in the passenger cars win themselves a cool 795$ and will have experienced a campaign that is sure to bring fun to new players and lots of nostalgia/PTSD to the R2D veterans.

    Thank you for reading, I hope this suggestion will be looked at because, if you ask me, is still incomplete unless you implement the train. Outskirts brought me a lot of fond memories in the old game, and I hope that this gets added because I want players, both new and veteran, to experience the thrill that Outskirts once brought me.

    - TheSopwithCamel

    P.S. I was listening to this song as I was writing this campaign. It helped in a lot of ways.

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