• PR could make it that you just need to get the requirements to get it, I have an idea of some of them.

    First, you would need 1K-10K kills on the gun you want the golden skin on. Yes, that is alot of kills, but it's atleast better than winning an tournament. (this could be lowered on weapons like tin pot, or other weapons that you hardly get an kill with)

    Second, When you unlock the skin ( THIS WOULDN'T UNLOCK THE SKINCRATE, ONLY THE SKIN FOR THE GUN THAT YOU GOT KILLS ON! ) It would cost you 10K-30K for the skin itself, It could be lower, but it's an pretty rare and an cool skin to have, so there wouldn't be 30 people on the server making people golden, because you would actually need to actually work for it.

    what do you guys think of this? in my opinion this should be how the golden skin works.

    this was my 4th suggestion, so please, please do not be suprised if i did something wrong.

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