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    The Firework. Firing. Infected. Drone or simply called F.F.I.D is a dangerous, very durable, and fast flying zombie with the assistance of its robotic vehicle. This zombie can launch 5 fireworks from its cannon to a survivor leading them to burn or get injured by the blast radius. Note that this zombie has a limit of 3 to make this zombie balanced. This drone also has built-in headlights that can be turned on by pressing X. This feature is useful at dark maps such as Terminal Decay, New Bloxcoast and Sewers. You can also fly with its built-in Jetpack that functions exactly like the Jetpack that the survivors use, it also has fuel that depletes when using it but it will refill overtime.

    Background Story

    Technology can be a man's best friend, or it's worst nightmare.

    The more shorter zombies during the apocalypse needed some aid. Of course, with the SANI virus only destroying these former humans more, the SANI virus made their short features even shorter, resembling only tiny, almost micro zombies. These zombies were not able to survive, of course, with their very weak and fragile selves along with their ability to scavenge for food very limited.

    These small zombies soon found an equalizer, a few leftover drones abandoned from the earlier days of the apocalypse, when the military was experimenting with zombie-killing drones. These zombies soon found out they can fit, fly and even control these tiny drones, using them more like vehicles. Soon, all of these former insignificant tiny zombies had become deadly menaces from this technology and had spread all over the place. How the tables have turned.

    Credits to Legovoa for the awesome story muah thnx :3


    Firework Launching: press E then your cursor will now become a big red target. Clicking once confirms the location. Then, your cursor becomes a blue arrow which spins around the targeted area which then dictates in which directions the fireworks will be launched at. Clicking again confirms the direction. After that, your fireworks will start launching at the area you picked for them to launch. (Note that you have only a 40 studs range at launching the fireworks so you won't abuse this mob that much). Consumes no stamina but leaves you vulnerable to survivors while firing the fireworks. It will only launch 5 fireworks. It will launch a big firework that will eventually turn into 5 small fireworks that will deal 25 damage per rocket. Has a 15 seconds cooldown to prevent spamming of this attack.

    Flight: Hold the space button to fly with the built-in jetpack. Consumes no stamina but consumes fuel that the jetpack uses to propel you but it will refill overtime.

    Flight Boost: Hold the F Key to boost you up to 55-60 studs that will help you escape angry survivors! Consumes all your stamina and Jetpack fuel so use it wisely.



    • Use the Flight ability to your advantage and you can become a mini airstrike.
      • Use the Flight Boost ability to go up tall buildings like the ones at 1930's Kingstreet.
    • Paired with a Brute, both of you can wreak havoc.
    • The blast radius of your projectiles are 3 studs, so try to land your fireworks to your target accurately.


    • Equip snipers that can reach this mob as you can expect it to be flying.
    • Bring a Flakvest to counter the explosive damage that the fireworks will deal to you.
    • Due to the size of the mob, close range weapons are useful.
    • Freezing, stunning and tripping this zombie will temporarily disable its flight ability for 5 seconds.
    • Dodge its projectiles as 5 of the projectiles can kill you when directly hit.
    • The fireworks aren't really that much of a threat as it is small.
    • There are 2 ways to deflect the projectiles:
      • The shield of the Bonesword can deflect or block the projectiles.
      • Melees with a multihit of 2+ can return the projectiles to its sender damaging them.


    • This mob is inspired by the MERV enemy from the video game, Spongebob Movie Game.
      • You can watch this enemy fight in this video.
      • This mob actually uses the same attack the enemy it's based on.
    • This mob has a limit of 3. You have the option to turn it off on your VIP Servers.
    • This zombie is restricted at the following maps:
    • The Jetpack will not refill at the "Kill the last zombies" phase of Arena.

    Old Model Gallery

    Current Model Gallery

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