• you can change the difficulty in 2 universes:VIP servers and single players so here


    pacific:this mode changes the amount of AI zombies to 0 changes the IDLE zombies will be disabled(cannot change to this difficulty in single player)

    easy:the two zombies only follow the players(they will dont catch a way to go to your place,they will follow you like a dumb AI)

    medium:they will catch a way to go where you are but they cannot run

    moderate-hard:AI zombies and IDLE(except specials) will run but they have a cooldown

    hard:AI and IDLES zombies(with specials infecteds)will run(except ticker)

    extreme:AI and IDLES(including specials,except ticker)will permanently run

    insane:the same thing in extreme but AI and IDLEs will jump and tickers will run too

    super insane:the same thing in insane but events mobs and npcs will appear too(except shells,mini crabs,gingerbreads,boos,stone golumm,wraith,cannon cloud,cake turret,mr macaroni,skullguards,toy penguins,targets and booses)skellie will dont have defense hability

    money and exp rewards:

    pacific:0,Idle zombies will be 10







    super insane:25

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