• AAAAAAY a week is over, so i can suggest stuff again lets hit that yeet

    (also i dont know why i sit at the camp suggestion board really)

    1) Search the building for supplys (3-8 supplys need to be added)

    2) Find an radio and call for help (radio can be: near both cave entrances or at building areas (any of those)

    3)Wait for an heli (5:00)

    4) Fog doesnt let an pilot land, signal him with an flare gun (im lazy and broken also i dont know how to make meshes with models in roblox studio aaaaaaaaa) (Flare gun is found with supplys (from 1-3 (depends on an player count))

    5)Put all suplys in the heli

    6) Escape

    ay that pretty not good but tell me what you think

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