• Dear Diary, 

    (September 22, 2018)

    It seems as if I were living inside a nightmare. Though that is too gentle a word.

    I was with my team, scavenging and fighting against the creatures of the SANI Virus.

    But, that is when I saw them. A fire elemental, and a brute. We'd never encountered either of these, so we had no knowledge of them. But we did know they were zombies, so we shot at them. The Brute had already had its health lowered. But the fire elemental, it repeatedly cut itself on glass till it exploded, or should I say, changed. We were on the brink of killing the brute when it happened, but then from the explosion came, a living nightmare. The Brute and the Elemental were covered in lightning and I ran as fast as I could but then-

    (The rest of the book is either burnt or covered in blood.) 

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