• I played the old R2D a lot...and it was a very fun game. There are many good things that I will miss, but the ones I'll always remember the most were the unique survival modes from two particular maps: Campfire Chaos and Outskirts. I liked Campfire Chaos for its fun experience on a small map, while outskirts being that there was a train at the end of it. Jump ahead to 2018 and the release of the Stud Harvest II map and the soon-to-be-released Campfire Chaos remake, and ideas flow for a map that currently has no campaign.


    I joined Roblox back in 2010 or 2011, and the name Stud Harvest does NOT ring a bell. This was apparently a remake of an old map of sorts, but I don't recall seeing it in R2D. That being said, the new map offered a LOT of opportunities for me to create a truly fun campaign for every player to enjoy while also taking inspiration from the old game. This campaign is a combination of the survival mode from Campfire Chaos and Outskirts from R2D. What I also tried to do is promote map exploration to ensure that all players get the full Stud Harvest II meal, compared to everyone camping at the station on survival mode.

    Round 1: Find a Telephone

    Players spawn inside the little lab near the freight yard and proceed to the train station to phone for help. The phone guy responds, but he requires you to find supplies and his personal teddy bear he lost while escaping from Stud Harvest a while back. Once the phone has been hung up, it will transition to Round 2.

    This will last 3 minutes.

    Round 2: Find Supplies

    Similar to the hard-to-beat campaign on Farmhouse, you need to collect a certain amount of supply boxes scattered all through the map and bring them to the train station. How many will be needed will be up to the developers, but if I were to decide myself I'd say probably 10 for the map's size. Once the boxes are collected, Round 3 begins.

    This will last 5 minutes.

    Round 3: Find the Teddy Bear

    After the supplies have been found, you must venture back INTO the map to find the train driver's teddy bear. It can spawn at any location where the supply crates are found, or back at spawn. It randomizes every time, so don't go looking in the same spots over and over again! Once the teddy bear has been collected, you will have to bring it to the station along with the supplies. It will automatically start Round 4.

    This will last 3 minutes.

    Round 4: Survival & Escape

    After the supplies and teddy bear has been collected, survivors now must wait a short 2 minutes for the train to arrive at the station. Once the train arrives, the players have 1 minute and 30 seconds to load the supplies on the train (and the teddy bear must be given to the engineer in the train locomotive) and then escape on the train. All the supplies must be loaded within that one minute time frame, so make sure to load and not farm for cash. Any survivors who have not boarded the train in time will be disregarded from the victory screen and become dinner for the zombies.

    Here are the screens I took to provide some insight to what could be in the game. Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll like this suggestion, so perhaps we can get it into the game?

    Stud harvest player spawn by tno 794-dcfqn2k

    Players will automatically spawn in this location. This can also be the location for the teddy bear spawn during round 3.

    Stud harvest call here by tno 794-dcfqn1q

    Where I imagine the phone would be located, regardless of the fact that there is a radio in the middle of the map. This is in the train station.

    Stud harvest train by tno 794-dcfqn02

    The direction the train will be facing once Round 4 starts. The platform on the side is where the supply crates will be placed.

    Stud harvest supply 1 by tno 794-dcfqn27

    The following pictures after this one are just pictures of where the supply crates (and sometimes the teddy bear) will be located. This photo is in the building next to the freight yard.

    Stud harvest teddy bear location 1 by tno 794-dcfqmzi

    The same building but on another floor. The teddy bear can also spawn here behind these crates.

    Stud harvest supply 3 by tno 794-dcfqn0t

    Ignore the radio here, I had the train station in mind when thinking of where to put the phone. This location will mainly stay the same, but provide supply crates and sometimes the bear.

    Stud harvest supply location 4 by tno 794-dcfqmz0

    Sometimes the supply crates (and teddy bear) will spawn on these I-Beam Flatcars in the freight yard. This is to promote map exploration, since Stud Harvest has a LOT to offer.

    Stud harvest supply 2 by tno 794-dcfqn1b

    This one particular location will be exclusive to the teddy bear. Sometimes you'll be lucky with the spawn, sometimes you wont be.

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