• What is this?

    This is a suggestion that I've been thinking of to make it so it's easier to open chests and ignore the chests you don't want to open.

    How does it work?

    It's simple. All you have to do is aim at a chest and then press and hold E at it for 0.5 seconds, and you will open it. However, this only works if you are 2 studs within the chest, or else it'll not work.

    This way, we will have less people complaning, raging and whining about how they "bumped into a normal chest and didn't get the special boss chest" or how "a chest spawned on top of them".

    Oh, and also, this doesn't count for special boss chests. If you touch a special boss chest, you don't need to press E to open it.

    Anyways, what do you guys think about this? Leave your opinions on the comments.


    05/06/2018: Now you have to press and hold E while aiming at the chest for 0.5 seconds.

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