• Well, Hello everyone.

    This is just a guide that might help you beat Crab II, I might do another one for Wipeout...

    1- Getting started:

    Before the round begins, you need to bring the following items and weapons depending on your rank...

    --> Vitamins ( aka Pills ), choose either Defibs or a Medkit or a Jetpack.

    You don't need to bring any throwables like grenade or something,but you can still bring Steil to kill Sand crabs once it impacts the ground.

    Defibs are used to revive people, obviously.

    For Jetpack, you could bring it if you have a lot of gold bucks, and also if you are not sure how to survive.

    --> Weapons:

    Rank 6-12: Wingmaster, with Steyr.

    Rank 12-15: Thompson,with Steyr.

    Rank 15-30: Minigun or Famas, with Steyr or RPG.

    Rank 30+: M249 with RPG.

    For low ranks ( Rank 6<), focus on leveling up to 6 in order to buy Wingmaster.

    --> Armors:

    Tactical I to add few HPs and 1 clip, Bandolier for people who will bring Minigun, or you could not bring any armor at all.

    2- Crab II attacks and how to avoid it:

    - Sandy Smash: Crab II smashes the ground to make a shockwave in front of it, tripping anybody who got hit.

    Basically, When you see Crab II turning to target you, run either in the left or right direction to dodge the attack, else escape with Jetpack. This attack is easy to dodge.

    - Wave of Sand: Crab II smashes the ground to make shockwaves around it which last 4 seconds long or less. You will be highly injured or even dead if you get close to Crab II.

    Another easy attack to dodge,it's low ranged, all you have to do is to stay away from it , don't get close at all even if you have low ranged weapons, if you were trapped, keep running into a safe zone.

    - Sandy Summon: Crab II summons Sand Crabs.

    Sand crabs will keep dashing into you, so they won't move like the rest of mobs. You need to move in a form of a circle to dodge all of their dashes,when they jump into you and then become immobile, shoot at them, it's most likely they will die within 1 shot. If you don't know how to dodge them with that way, use your jetpack to escape. Remember they can still touch you even if you are in the air.

    - Volcanic Eruption: Crab II starts dancing which will make the volcano erupts and start launching burning volcanic rocks which explode on the ground and the water...

    When you see Crab II dancing, focus on the flying rocks and try to identify the zone where it will land in order to avoid dying and get massive damage. These rocks have low chance to hit the water, so try swimming or just stay near the water.

    If you can't do all of what i mentioned above, there's a better way to keep you safe, you need to stand on the grass which surrounds the volcano,because rocks will despawn once they touch the volcano edges,as well they will not explode, also avoid touching the volcano as it will trip you and then you will slip , making you in a dangerous situation.As the image describes the safe zones to survive the eruption:


    Green: Safe zone , includes grass areas surrounded by palm trees.

    Orange: Unsafe zone, however you might survive.

    Red: Zones which will trip you including the volcano crater that will kill you instantly. (Sorry i messed this up a bit.)

    - Claw Charge: Crab II rushes across the island like a monster truck. It will trip and damage anybody who gets touched.

    Stay either near the water or on the grass, as it will not reach you from there.

    - Claw Slam: Crab II grabs the nearest player and start slamming them, dealing a lot of damage ( 40 approx per slam). 

    If Crab II is rushing into you, keep running across the water,or even swim near the edge of the map?

    Else, the best way to survive this is by using Jetpack.

    - Disconnection: Crab II does some weird magic spell words which will make players who keep shooting, instantly disconnect. Honestly, it's not an attack but it's always present when playing this boss round.

    The minimum ways to not get disconnected, as said by the wikia, is using Flamey, also, do not shoot repeatly, either in the beginning of the round or the end of it.

    As example,if you have a heavy weapon like M249 or Minigun, avoid spreading shots without stopping, just use a half clip of bullets and then take a short break, because why not?

    Remember this is a bug,not a real Crab II attack, so it might be fixed later...

    Here's an image of me disconnecting because of spreading shots continuously (don't say it's useless,it's a proof that shows the existence of this bug): 

    3- Additional tips:

    - Once you are in the airplane, do not get impatient and then take off, you will die in the void even if you use parasol.

    -  Try to land on the lighthouse, as you will be 100% safe from sand crabs. remember it will fall soon either by players , or destroyed by Crab II.

    - Destroy the first crate you see within caution, be prepared to fight 10 sand crabs which will claw you.

    - Generally, avoid shooting over time without stop.

    - Once Crab II almost reach its death, rush into it since chests will spawn around his death area, if It keeps running, keep running too, use mount if you have it.

    Also, farm for tickets to get crabmines, as you don't get rewarded for it when you collect a chest.

    That's all for now.

    Good luck to all people who need the Mini Crab mount and other event items! (Btw, this mount is bad for jumping with, but has a good speed).

    Edit 1: The disconnection bug is present on all gamemodes, which makes R2DA completely unplayable. Using non auto guns like Spas would solve this problem, but you can still crash, so PR must fix this as soon as possible.

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