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    02:42, February 25, 2018

    These are pretty much light suggestions that would make our job easier, but won't really affect all the players.

    1. If you are hidden, then the game does not take into account you when setting up teams for the next round.

    So, I've been noticing, especially when I'm in a modcal for a longer period of time, that I am put onto the Zombies team, whether or not players can see me on the list. 

    Sure, not a major problem in large servers.

    But what about those 5 player max servers? I'm almost guaranteed to be exposed now, (as the system will often put me as the only zombie for the next round) and I don't think people will break a rule knowing a moderator is present.

    2. Server Information somewhere.

    A rather more important thing. A mod got probation because he banned people in a private server for mass teaming, but the problem is, he went in through a call. How was he supposed to know it was a private server? Ask?

    You ARE supposed to warn them, but that doesn't mean everyone will read the full rules and tell us it's a private server. Nor will we be able to know if they tell the truth or not.

    3. Current weapon/inventory of a player.

    This is mostly because people can get away with hammer abuse easily by putting the hammer away, and, well, we have to warn for it too so they just do it quick, and hide the hammer, then we can't see who did it.

    I don't know exactly the best way to do it, but something like typing "Inv {user}" will pull up what items they have (Maybe as a message from the system to you) or pushing a key like the semi-colon will pull up a scrollable list that shows all the players and what items they're carrying.

    This would also be useful to find people who hack in weapons, as there have been a case or two where someone managed to bypass the system and hack in, say a dragunov while they're rank 5.

    4. Light access to criminal records.

    Doesn't have to be much. Look, some bans previously were not recorded, or the request for unban was removed. Just a way for us to see why a person was banned, or give us a list of people we banned.

    Doesn't need to be all that special. Like remove the ban id's and who banned who, changing the times, etc.

    Look, Jopede doesn't have the time to go find all those lost bans that were lost from banning some mods from the R2DA Discord (because dyno deletes all of their messages, plus a lot of the old ones dont even have names or proper formatting), nor should we have to fill our requests with things like "hey jopede, can you find out who banned bacon_headxddddd because we can't find a report on it".

    Though i suppose this is useless. So uhhhh don't take this one too seriously.

    5. Chat HIstory?

    When someone modcalls for "bullying" or "harassment" it's usually from that current moment. Often people will leave or stop talking, so we can't do shit.

    Maybe have the system record or provide a capture of the chat at the current time of when the call was sent (could show maybe 10-20 messages prior to those visible in the chat when the call was made).

    6. Ability to send a pretend leave message.

    A few of us (mods) have been doing this thing called "False Leaving". Basically, we leave a rule breaker's game and rejoin to see if they continued to break the rules after our warns.

    Well, it takes a shit long time to rejoin a game, what with the loading, the game startup, the startup screens, etc, and you can miss a lot from just that.

    A simple suggestion is typing the words "System Leave" or some shit like that, will make the words "{user} left." in orange, appear. Please.

    7. Buff fatal

    Okay yeah no this is a shit suggestion here number 7 do ignore please because it's just there for its DEFINITELY TOTALLY UNIQUE SOUND THAT HASN'T BEEN USED BY A DIFFERENT GUN.

    IDK it's just useless. "A better Dragunov" when dragunov has more range and accuracy. Barret still is better for sniping imo. This misses a lot when sniping.

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