• Step One:

    Find an antennae in one of the barn houses (Pr will make them explorable) and take it to a station that powers a wall phone on a farmhouse

    The station requires a button to be manually pressed down a short distance from the station, have a player stand on it or use the rambo knife or toybow round to keep it down permanently for 30 seconds, until sufficient power has been supplied to the tower.

    The phone should be powered, Call the military for help, You will be asked to wait 2 and a half minutes.

    After the time has expired, a large APC will drive down the dirt path and pick up the survivors, all players will have 25 seconds to enter the APC before the back hatch shuts (With survivors inside) and takes them off into the the fog.

    (To hide the fact they’re driving over the void, added realism)

    I just wanted to hop onto the campaign gravy train, Thanks for reading this poorly made idea.

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