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    The meat cutter knife is a small knife used to, well, cut meat! Before the apocalypse it was used to cut ham and other food. Since a survivor used logic and figured that if this can cut meat easily, it can kill the zombies easily also. It is now highly produced and sold to survivors all over the world.


    Rank: 8

    Cost: $5,000

    Damage: 55 (stab), 125 (slice)

    Energy: 10 (stab), 25 (slice)

    Range: Melee

    Headshots: No


    A stab is when you grab the zombie and thrust the knife through its chest. To active stab you just click.

    A slice is when you swing the knife like a blade. To activate you have to run while clicking.

    That's all.

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    • before anyone says that this is garbage

      keep in mind that 

      Axe is the only melee weapon that we need beacuse

      -Stamina cost 


      If any other melee comes out the Axe will be nerfed

      so uh... avoid comparing any melee suggestion to the axe plox 

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    • Rambo Knife flashbacks

      why use this when we have fire axe it does more damage and cheaper

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    • When people will understand that axe has op stats beacuse its a placeholder for more melees

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    • A FANDOM user
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