The President is a gamemode that's a reincarnation of Protect the King [PTK] which was found in the original Reason 2 Die.

It involves you having to protect a randomly chosen player. The President, obviously, has a different appearance from all the other players, making it easy at a glance to see who it is. If the President dies, it results in an instant game-over, so protect the President at all costs.



  • Keep in mind that armor of any kind is not allowed in this Gamemode.
    • Any vests equipped prior to the start of the round will be wasted and you will lose it.
Special Agent
  • Any of the special agents can die without any negative repercussions. Only the survival of the President matters.
  • Special infected, mainly the Elemental, can end the game quickly. Kill them as soon as possible.
    • A Fire Extinguisher can be extremely helpful in stemming these threats.
      • It can extinguish the fires on other players.
  • The Defibrillator cannot stop the game from ending after the President dies.
The President
  • Don't venture off alone, stay with a reliable group that will protect you.
  • Even if you are still allowed to have a weapon, try to avoid engaging in combat unless you are sure you won't die from it.
    • Melees and punches grant immunity, so whenever a zombie approaches, you can dispatch it easily with the melee without taking damage.
    • Stay somewhere safe with doors to shut yourself and avoid tight spaces because zombies easily mow you down when you're cramped.


  • Ignore the Special Agents unless they block you from killing the President.
  • Whenever the game grants you a free special infected, use it with care.
    • An Elemental is your best bet in wiping out both Agents and the President.
    • If you spawn as a Brute, play smart. You will be torn to shreds if anyone sees you.


  • Known as Mr. President in-game.
  • In this gamemode, all survivors have the same appearance except the player who plays as the President.
  • The President's appearance is based on Donald Trump.
    • PlaceRebuilder has stated that he might add a feature that lets players choose presidents. For example, Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan.
  • The Special Agents can press F to say "Mr President!"
    • The voice clip is voiced by SWAGER21.
  • This is the only Gamemode to be included on all regular and greenlight maps.
  • In Debug, you had a small chance to spawn as your ROBLOX character instead of a Special Agent.
  • The face of the President was changed in a later update.
    • The old face of the President can be found here
  • If you do any Emote that changes the face you currently have (ex: /e insane) on a Special Agent and end it, your face will change to what your original ROBLOX Character face is.
    • This also applies if you get knocked down in any way.

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