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The Port

"Ain't there enough space for two ghosts in this town."
―Deadman (literally) Jones


The map takes place in the industrial area of a small abandoned riverside town with a lift bridge crossing the river, presumably somewhere near the US city of Savannah, Georgia. It seems that this place hasn't had maintenance in years! You must restore power to the bridge to make your way out of this forsaken place, use your wits, skills, and teammates to survive this horrible ordeal!

Background Story

After a horrible ferry disaster, the remaining survivors climbed out of the wreckage and proceeded to walk to a lighthouse in the distance, picking up supplies along the way. Once they made it, there was a old soldier's corpse laying near the generator, they buried him and went back to where they grouped up to report a potential way out, all that chatter must have woken the dead...


  • Use the high ground to your advantage.
  • Use any fast mount to traverse around the map effectively. (Example: Train, Rocket Sleigh).
    • It is also recommended to use Duck or Bunny, as there are lots buildings in your way.
  • Bring explosives to stop zombie camping.
  • Avoid stay close of the map boards, since a Digger, Brute or Elemental can easily trip you into the water.
  • Protect the person that is reparing the bridge with the Hammer.
  • Use infinite stamina items like MRE, Candy Cane or Carrot to get the Fuels or Supplies fast.
  • Use such items like Pipebomb & Clockbomb to distract zombies from hurting a person with the Hammer and distract zombies from camping at the end of the map.


  • This map is a remake of the R2D Port, which was also based on the The Port from Left 4 Dead.
    • This version seems to be influenced more by The Passing campaign, which ended with you crossing the bridge instead of a player having to sacrifice themself so the others can survive.
  • Even not being credited, jerell22 and Rascalian_Devil also have contributed on this map.
  • The first map to have its own theme music, having Bernhard Penzias-Going Nuclear played at the start of the round.
  • The Port was the last map to be added in R2DA.
    • Coincidence enough, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 ended at same place, The Port being the final map in Left 4 Dead and being Left 4 Dead 2's last official campaign map.