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The Complex

"I thought that this used to be an OD'ing place!"
―Edgy Survivor


The Complex is a large map with buildings on buildings on buildings. Some parts are out in the open while other parts are enclosed on all sides.

Don't get lost.

Background Story

The Complex was one of society's many attempts to re-establish civilisation. It was quite successful actually, and many generations lived and died here. Everyone here lived their lives in peace, and life didn't consist of death and constant fear.

All good things come to an end, though. The leaders that ran this place came to a falling-out and the community was divided over them.

When zombies entered the fray, it was impossible to tell what was worse.


All of the survivors spawn in the middle of a warehouse. Facing Porta Coeli II, a hall can be seen behind where you spawn. Going right will lead to an abrupt exit. Going left, you will pass by a basketball court and two pathways that both leave the warehouse.

If you jump out of the warehouse, you will enter the main area. Ladders can be seen on this side of the warehouse that allows you to climb up to its roof.

In the north, shipping containers dot the coastline.

In the east, a garage can be seen and entered.

In the south-east corner, some trolleys can be seen.

As this map mostly consists of buildings that look the same, there's really no other points of interest.


  • It's very easy to get lost. Getting to higher ground at any opportunity can help you get your bearings.
    • If you do get lost, however, try and turn it in your favour if a horde is chasing after you.
  • A Leaper will generally have trouble on this map navigation due to the verticality this map offers.
  • Doing parkour around the buildings can help shake off mobs that may be following you.
  • Energy is vital in getting around this map. Your mobility will be heavily impacted if you don't have any energy.
  • Due to how compact this map is, trying to snipe mobs may be difficult.
  • Stamina boosting items, such as the Candy Cane, and stamina boosting armors, such as the Scout is quite useful in this map.
  • Mobs such as the Stalker and Edgar thrive on this map due to the fact that it involves a lot of movement for building to building.
  • Diggers cannot dig on this map.
  • The Porta Coeli II is uncollidable, so you cannot camp on the boat.


  • It is theorised that the events of Porta Coeli II took place after this map.
  • Some of the buildings appear to clip into each other and other random objects.
    • One example are the trolleys seen at the back of the map that slightly clip into the nearby building.
  • As always, easter eggs can be found:
    • A billboard can be seen of one of the former thumbnails of R2D. It has the Roblox versions of Bill, Francis, Louis, Zoey and the iconic Tank mob.
    • The panel with the render of a survivor wielding the Minigun was made by Rockynic, and originally was made as a Wallpaper.
    • The panel with SWAGER21 was made by Felixsnowflake. It is also used as a thumbnail in one of SWAGER's videos.