Tier I

  • Ragdolling in game modes: Dying as a survivor then getting up for 30 seconds to kill zombies with god mode. [3 days]
Users must be verbally warned first before any action takes place.
  • Shooting through walls: Guns such as M249 or HK416 that have the hard impact, or any gun, can shoot through walls by chance, and is not suppose to be a thing. [3 days]
Shooting through fences in portland is fine, as it was intended.
  • Glitching out of Portland: Self-explanatory. [2 days]

Tier II

  • Bypassing Censorship: Bypassing the filter to send inappropriate words by having extra characters or intended misspelling of a word. [1 day]
  • Swearing: The act of using vulgar language. [1 day - 3 days]
Words like "shit" & "ass" is NOT ALLOWED in this case.
  • Spamming: Sending non-constructive messages with the sole intention of unnecessarily expanding the chat log. [1 day - 3 days]
  • Delaying Round: Purposely extending a round for a extended period of time for the sake of trolling. [1 day - 3 days]

Tier III

  • Offsite Link: Sharing through bypassing methods an url redirecting to an offsite link not whitelisted by roblox.[1 week]
  • Obstructive construction: (Different from Abusive Construction, see Red Ban reasons) use of construction to block rescue routes or to purposely confine players without their approval in a area with no exit.. [1 day - 3 days]
  • Unbefitting Party: Party entitlement not suitable for public witness. [3 days - 1 week]
  • Player Impersonation: Owning an account whose appearance, username and or behavior are prompted to impersonate. [1 day]
Invalid if agreed by both players in question.
  • Attacking the Staff Team: Insulting the people PlaceRebuilder has employed. [1 week] 
This especially applies after you were banned, but this can happen if you are being just plain annoying.
  • Mass Teaming: Formation of allies consisting of at least 2 players outside of your party working together for the gathering of experience, player points and coins. Teams must have at least 7 players for the rule to be applicableMass Teaming rule DOES NOT apply to private servers. [1 week - 2 weeks]
Clans are included.
  • Complaining about new mods getting hired: Applies in game, on the R2DA Discord, and the R2DA Wikia. Warn required first before proceeding to punish. Time varies on different platforms. [1 day]

Tier IV

  • Abusive Construction: Using the hammer to build obscene buildings such as expletive characters and illicit symbols. [1 week - 2 weeks]
  • Talking about sexual subjects or references: Discussing sexual subjects or using sexual words. [3 days - 1 week]
Sexual memes are included. Certain clothes/outfits are included, minor ones need warn, major ones you can BOS.
  • Teamkilling: Abusing a irregularity/flaw left by the developers to kill your teammate in a gamemode which would be normally impossible to do in. [1 week - 1 month]
  • Revealing moderator: Revealing/exposing a hidden moderator while they are doing their job. [3 days]
  • Troll Account: The sole purpose of the account is to do inappropriate, harmful activities to everyone, or anyone else. [2 weeks - PERM]
Accounts ranked <10 get perm banned, accounts >10 get 2 weeks or above.
  • Hate Speech: Discrimination of one's race, national origin,or religious affiliation. [1 week]
  • Child Endangerment: Predatory behavior or anything that sexualizes children. [1 month]
  • Glitching Tutorial: Creating a video or online speech indicating the performance of an abusable or game breaking glitch which is not tolerated. [3 days - PERM]
Applies even if its outside R2DA.

Tier V

  • False ModcallAbusing the usage of modcall by not having a solid reason stated within. [1 day - 7 days]
There are no verbal warnings.
  • Glitching: Abuse of an unwanted flaw, malfunction or irregularity left by the developers. [3 days - 1 week]
Minor glitches that dosen't effect the gameplay dosen't count. (ie: Double Knife Throw)
  • Threats: Hack threats, hostile real life statements or suggestive suicide thoughts on someone. [1 week - 1 month]
Hack threats towards R2DA is an instant ban.
  • Flame War: Offensive argument based dispute between two or more individuals. [1 day - 1 week]
All users involved will be affected.
  • Bullying: Use greater influence or intimidation essentially for one's needs. This rule also includes targeting players, moderators, the creator etc in-game.  [1 days - 2 weeks]
  • Harassment: Aggressively inflicting explicit words towards an individual. Includes cooperation of two users spelling told word through single letters in order. [3 days - 2 weeks]
  • Bribery: Applies from discord, in game, or other sources. Attempting to bribe a staff member into doing something out of line, if the bribe was accepted both users will be severely punished. HMODS determine if the user attempting the bribe requires a ban. [2 weeks - PERM]
  • Creating troll accounts: Applies from discord, in game, or other sources. Creating troll accounts in order to well, troll. If the proof is solid enough to prove that the main user was doing it, the main user receives a perm ban. HMODS determine if the user gets the ban or not.  [1 month - PERM]
  • Framing: User produce false evidence against an innocent user so that they appear guilty. [1 week - 4 months]
Applies as long its R2DA related. Ban can be shortened by the user admitting to his/her wrong doings, publicy, not privately, and to where publicy is determined by HMODS.

Tier VI

  • Hacking/Exploiting: Acquire unauthorized access or modification of a resourceful data or forcibly inject an outer code for advantage.[PERM]
  • Hacking/Exploiting Tutorial: Creating a video or online speech indicating the performance of a hack. [PERM]
  • Inappropriate username: Having a username which is not suitable for public witness. [PERM]
  • Lagswitching: Purposely break connectivity to provoke unsynchronized events on objects and players. [PERM]
  • Malicious Offsite Link: Sharing through bypassing methods an url redirecting to an offsite link whose content regards potentially harmful hacking activity, pornography or viewer shock. [PERM]
  • Staff Impersonation: Owning an account whose username or behaviour are prompted to impersonate an official staff member. (If it is behaviour, tell them to stop once then proceed to ban, if it is username and behaviour then perm them) [PERM].
  • Terrorism: the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. [PERM]