This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"Test1 is now ready for testing. But... What are we testing exactly..?"


This weapon was created purely for testing purposes, hence the name Test1. This is basically a variant to the DB Shotgun between v0.7.0 and v0.7.1.

Unlike the DB Shotgun at the time, this was a meshed gun, so it lagged less. It also posed a change in art direction in R2DA. However, on a poll on Twitter, the majority of people rejected the design of the Test1. PlaceRebuilder added it anyway, not as a replacement of the DB Shotgun, but as its own separate weapon.

This was exactly the same as the DB Shotgun of the time, with the same statistics. The only difference was the cost of the weapon. At the time, this had cost 100$, while the DB Shotgun cost 6,000$.

Background Story

L-Brain Sidework headquarters was being ransacked at the time. They needed to find a suitable replacement for the DB Shotgun. The materials required to make the original model was fast running out and they needed to try something innovative.

Well, "innovative" isn't really the best word to use. Really, they just found an old 3D printer and decided to give it a go. The poor quality of the model design resulted in this blocky mess. It still worked though and was really cheap to produce. They didn't last very long though, as the cheap, blocky materials would over time melt, as it was really nothing but hard plastic.


  • This is only a temporary gun.
    • Don't expect to have this gun after v0.7.1 if you purchased it.
  • This is actually quite a good gun for a cheap price.
    • Use it while it lasts as it is limited time only.
  • In most cases, DB Shotgun tips apply here.


  • This was the precursor to the meshed DB Shotgun made by GregTame.
  • This was rejected by many people due to its blocky design.
  • The only gameplay video using the Test1 can be found here.
  • The cheapest weapon in R2DA.
    • However, it is only true if you count removed weapons. The real cheapest weapon is the Tinpot.

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