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This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

―Soldier, Team Fortress 2


Use a mighty Tank to aid you in combat! This mount can shoot explosives and bullets, to cut down Brutes in seconds! Hit E to shoot the explosives, and click to shoot.

Background Story

Following the events of the manufacturing of the Pumpkin Bot and the M2 Tripod, Hellish Night noticed that many couldn't afford to purchase the Pumpkin Bot and the M2 Turret being quite unavailing as it left you vulnerable to beefy infected such as the Brute. A year passed by somewhat shortly and after stealing some blueprints in a abandoned military base, with some tests, Hellish Night dropped hundreds of green gifts from the sky, and left some on the online store for more sales. The tank was truly a behemoth. Equipped with the power of the M2 Tripod's bullets, combined with a rocket launcher capable of firing missiles similar to the Tri-Blaster, all while being able to move around, many left their turrets and pumpkin bots in a safe area to use this new beast.


  • You move slowly while riding your Tank, avoid using this for long distance travel.
  • Take note, your Turret and Cannon ammo are limited.
    • Fire in short bursts to avoid running out of ammo quickly.
  • You cannot use the Toy Sword while on this mount to defend yourself.
  • As of v1.5.1a, you are given 2200 health while using this mount.
    • You can use this extra health to "tank" damage from zombies trying to claw you.
      • You can still get knocked out of the Tank by explosions and Edgars.
    • Dismounting will return your total and maximum health back to normal.
      • Abusing the Tank's bonus health outside of your mount is BANNABLE.
  • This is banned in Melee Smash, bringing one into Melee Smash will waste your mount slot.
  • Use in tight areas for maximum efficiency.



  • v1.5.1a
    • Tank mounts now have 2200 Health.

  • This is the 3rd mount in R2DA to be able to shoot.
  • This is the first mount in R2D history to be able to shoot explosives.
    • Also the first mount to increase your maximum health.
  • Resembles the Sherm enemies from Super Mario Odyssey.
    • Also has a similar design to the TONK series of UGC items on the ROBLOX catalog.
  • During the Tank release, PlaceRebuilder created a Team Deathmatch server where players had 2000 HP and could only use Tank.
  • Prior to v.1.5.1a, you could bring the Tank into Melee Smash.
  • Like the Train, players who sit on this mount will get kicked by NoobBuster, meaning they had to stay away from it.